His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Mother's Day, Pictures and getting a ticket!

Hi mom,

This week we saw some more miracles :)
On Monday we had an appointment with someone we had contacted a few days before. While we were on our way to the appointment, we received a referral from the church page of someone who had been listening to the missionaries in Cabo San Lucas and had already gone to church and read a lot of the Book of Mormon! We decided to go to the appointment that we had and then right after we would go look for the referral. When we got to the appointment we asked for the man we had contacted and they said that he didn't live there. We were about to turn back because we ha received a false address, but then the lady at the door said, "I thought that your companions in Cabo San Lucas had sent you to look for me." Turns out we received a false address, but it was the exact same address as the referral we received. We then put a baptismal date with the sister and her three children! 
I also felt the spirit stronger than I ever have in a lesson this week with A (our investigator who will be baptised this Saturday). She told us that she will lose her job because she won't be able to work on Sundays, but she doesn't even care! She has a ton of faith and is already very good friends with all of the YSA in our ward. So excited for her to be baptised! Elder E interviewed her for her baptism and in the interview told her that she would serve a mission! I think it's true :)

It's been raining a lot, I was gonna send pics, but it won't let me :( Little rivers in the streets though, couldn't get to an appointment because of one. 

Looking forward to calling home in a few weeks, I know some things about coming home we will have to talk about, but if you could mostly just get me hyped and pump me up to finish strong that would be a big help
I love serving as a missionary, there are hard times, but I have learned to always pray and receive help from the Lord in hard times. He lives and loves us :) We wouldn't have any success in the mission without Him. 

Have a good week,
Elder Lethaby

Do you ever hear from the Bishop or Stake President?Yes, I have heard from both and last week or 2 weeks ago from the bishop!

Any plans for Mother’s Day yet? Well here it's on the 10th of may so I don't know if you want to do it on my mother's day or your mother's day. Either way I could possibly be in a different area with a different companion by then so I will confirm next week about the day and hour.

Have you ever had issues with your toes? Shane’s are still bugging him…Sometimes I feel like they're ingrown a lil but they've been like that since my training and it hasn't gotten worse and they never bleed so I think I'm good.

What kind of work-outs are you doing these days?
Stretching and pushups in the house, not much close by that we can do. 

Do you ever meet missionaries who go through a bit of culture shock when they first get to Mexico? Do you try to help?
Not really honestly, the only time was when I was in the offices there was a new guy who was really sick already and wanted to go home and didn't like his trainer so we got into calling him every night just to talk to him in English for a few minutes and give him a break.

Package arrive yet?
No :( I did get a letter from Oma though with some pics of me and her and Jake in front of the temple back in the glory days. 

Is it rainy season? Staying dry or just making it work?!
It is raining pretty hard every day! I have some pics that I wanted to send but this internet doesn't have sd card reading ability. 


I got transferred! My new comp is Elder K from Kansas and I am now in an area called "Fuertes" (Strong). On Saturday President Nelson called me and said "Elder do you still have the energy to be a leader?" I said I did and he said "good because you're going to be a zone leader again." So I guess I had a little break hahah but Elder K and I are going to kill it here. Our area is the very center of Puebla. Downtown. There are very few houses in our area, and the houses that there are are very very expensive ones from what I've heard. We will have to find a different way to work... knocking doors won't work because there aren't doors. We already decided to try out English classes again, since we are both English speakers. He was in my zone when I was in Amalucan almost a year ago... in his training hahha. Very hard worker though and I know we can do it. I can already tell why I am here. There are pictures of naked women in every corner, there is worldly music all around us, it's loud and busy... the Lord needs me to learn how to be in the world but not of the world before I head home. I am more determined than ever right now to consecrate myself 100% in the work. We also have a lot of missionaries in the zone who I know, and I know that they will have problems. What you said in your email is true mom, if I don't finish strong, my companions and other missionaries in my zone won't finish strong either. 

On another note, A got baptised this week! She was crying a lot hahha but like good tears, very excited. Her whole family came and it was one of the most spiritual baptisms of my mission, because she was really truly prepared. I think her family will follow. Another investigator named Luz that I have been teaching for the last 3 months passed her baptismal interview this week too, so she should get baptised next week! We also found and started teaching a part member less active family and they all came to church on Sunday and the 10 year old son has a baptismal date and always wants to put on our name tags because he wants to serve a mission one day! Hope that happens! Kinda sad that I won't see all these people progress, but I know the Lord has a purpose behind everything. 

Super excited to be here and work hard! 
Love you and talk to you on Sunday!
Elder Lethaby

A's baptism

When Elder Barfuss and I realised the next time we see each other will probably be in Canada :(

The rivers in the streets of Tlaxcallan


Hey I'll be quick since we just talked, but wanted to let all my fans in on some fun times from this week!
This area has been super crazy so far hahaha we can't go a block without someone saying something about Trump to us haha so glad I'm Canadian in those moments. We had a black guy from the states contact us this week and he wanted to take pictures and stuff and he said he was a historian trying to prove that the ancient inhabitants of the Americas and the whole world were black people and that the Africans were the ones who built the pyramids and stuff, pretty funny guy. We got a ticket for putting up "free English class" posters all over the city and I guess in the "Historical Center" it's illegal so that's a bummer. I then got sick so I couldn't even leave the house to go to the English Class :( 
We also had the leadership council this week which was kinda fun and we talked about some ways we can get the YSA more into the work, might start going to institute classes and YSA activities, stay tuned...
It's still raining almost every day and my shoes are pretty much done, but I sent them in to get fixed today so we´ll see if we can get another few months out of them. 

My companion's doing good, we get along pretty well and the zone seems to be picking up a bit :)

I think that's it. Happy mother's day mom, great to see you!

Elder Lethaby

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Practical/Doctrinal response to Opa Passing Away (5 weeks worth-sorry!)

March 26, 2018

Big fan of that spiritual thought (forward Elder Cameron's thoughts on prayer...warrior prayer or farmer prayer). Going to apply it more. Word on the street is that my new comp has a lot of urgency and I have already seen it in how he walks. They even compare him to a young Elder D (you don't know who that is, but he's a really hard working missionary in our mission). His name is Elder P (not my trainer but Elder P 2.0). He´s from Guatemala and has the same amount of time in the mission as Ana (he said he met her in the MTC). Very excited to be here. He is going to be the district leader now and I am going to be the junior companion! First time since my training and I am very excited! I´m going to be able to eat dinner at night, read Jesus the Christ (wanted to do that since my training but never had time), and maybe even go to bed early! President Nelson is getting the young guns ready with experience so that the mission can have good leaders when the new president arrives. So that means I am supposed to train Elder P to be a good district leader and hopefully a good zone leader or AP as well. He has the potential :)
This week we had a ton of success. We received a call from a member that we didn't know on Thursday and she said she had a referral. We went and met him, and he accepted to be baptised in the first lesson! He went to church all 3 hours on Sunday and really liked it. His name in A and he is a doctor, an x-professional basketball player, he's been to 180 countries, and he will soon be a Mormon! A few months ago he had a serious car crash and survived. He is recovering now and can't go to work, so he is taking it as a second chance to get closer to God and he really wants to do what's right! Kinda crazy and sounds like it's from a movie or something, but that's really his story! The ward is hyped on him and the elders quorum is going to play basketball this Thursday and he's going to go!
This week, I and Y were also baptised! We were going to wait another week with I, but we decided he was super ready so we asked him if he felt ready, he said yes, and he did it! There were like 40 people in his baptism, including like 15 investigators (mostly from the 2 families). They both looked so happy! Y, is the little guy in the wheelchair, but his baptism went way smoother than my last wheelchair baptism haha. 
Happy that I will be staying here, I have loved this area so far, and I am very excited about this companion. God loves us! 
Have a good week,
Elder Lethaby

April 2, 2018

(in response to hearing that Opa died)
I have a very strong testimony that President Nelson is called of God. I remember the first time I did a baptismal interview with him as the prophet, I felt inspired to share my testimony with the investigator that he is a prophet of God and I had it confirmed in that moment that it's true. This weekend confirmed it that much more. 
I will keep Oma in my prayers. I know it was time, and I hadn't heard about a release blessing either, but it sounds like the right thing to do. I love her, and I know Opa is already working on the other side. 

Love Elder Lethaby

Hi mom!
This week was a good week, love the general conference, President Nelson (prophet not mission president) keeping it fresh with some new changes out of nowhere. How do you say "maestro ministrante" in English (the new home teacher thing)? 
Liked President Nelsons talk about that and the stories that Elder Holland shared about home teachers that really ministered, and I agree that if we only do home teaching like a checklist, it doesn't really help much. A little over a year ago they made a similar change in the mission by getting rid of some key indicators like the number of lessons we teach and the number of people we contact, etc... and it has a made it so that the number of baptisms has gone up in our mission even though we have way less missionaries now. So I think it will help. The difference between administer and minister is actually a topic that Elder S and I studied about once a few months ago, very excited to apply it! 
In terms of our area, my new comp and I are working really well together, he's super super hard working. We have an investigator named G who is older, and suffers from anxiety and it affects her a lot. She likes the church a lot and has potential to be baptised this month, but sometimes she can't get out of bed in the mornings because of her sickness so please pray for her :) 
We also have an investigator named I who wants to get baptised and finally came to church for the first time after like a month of trying to come, she is excited but her dad doesn't let her go sometimes even though he's a member, pray for her too! 
Lots of good investigators, but we need the power of heaven to make it happen! 
This week was super catholic, so all of our investigators were out of town and we had a few days where we didn't have a single appointment, but the Lord blesses us with miracles and we found a few new investigatros and an awesome new family.

Have a good week!
Elder Lethaby

April 9, 2018

Hi mom :)
This week was really rewarding because almost all of the recent converts came to church with their families and we had like 20 people in the gospel principles class. There were about 5 who went to the class when we got here. Didn't have much luck with investigators, but I was able to see a much bigger picture than just the numbers we send to the ZLs on Sunday nights. Our first convert in this area (R) who´s dad has been working in the states pretty much her whole life went to church with the whole family, her dad finally came back! He seems like a very humble man who really wants to get as active in the church as he can because he knows his family needs it. I, another convert came to church with his girlfriend who he fully intends on marrying in the temple :) He also said that he got a job offer in Canada and accepted! So I might get to visit him more often and see him grow and serve in the church! 

My companion is doing awesome and teaching me a lot, I think I have talked to more people in these last 2 weeks than I had in the last 3 months haha which is saying a lot! He is pretty new in the mission and still needs to learn a lot but I have never seen someone with such a strong desire to do his best. He only gets sad when he feels like he didn't give his all that day. I like it because even though sometimes we have a hard day or week, there is always hope for tomorrow :) 

All good here, have a good week and I will send pics next week,
Elder Lethaby

April 16, 2018

Hi Mom!
Gonna start with an awesome experience that we had this week:

A young man in our ward (the same one who gave the reference of K) called us and said that he had a referral. We went and visited her and had one of the most spiritual lessons of my mission. She told us that her mom is Christian, her dad is Catholic and that she sees both of them very happy in their religions and wants that happiness but hasn't felt it in any church yet. She obviously related very well with the Joseph Smith story and at the end of the lesson we invited her to pray and ask God. She received an answer right then and there. She started to cry and then accepted a baptismal date in 3 weeks. She went to a YSA activity and even though she had to work on Sunday, she went to church in Totolac and already asked her boss to get work off on Sundays. Huge miracle! Very strong YSA group in our ward too so she will fit right in. 

L (an investigator that we have been teaching for like 3 months but is finally progressing) came to church with her granddaughter this week and said she has even started to share the gospel with her family!
Crazy to hear about the new bishopric, is there a new young men's president then? We haven't heard about a new elders quorum president yet either but the stake president came to train us about how we are going to work as a quorum. 

I love my mission and all the people I have met here. I have learned, and keep learning a lot from all of them. My companions will be life long friends :) Big fan of Elder P. 

Love you and I'm happy your activity went so well!
Elder Lethaby

P.S. I bought 2 suits and a belt today. I know I don't need two suits but they were really cheap and nice (I paid a total of about $280 CAD I think for a Calvin Klein suit and another one as well and a very needed belt, you should see my current belt).

April 22, 2018

Hi MOM! 
This week the Lord kept it coming with the miracles. I´s (who got baptised like a month ago) mom called us up and pretty much said "I'm ready now". We went and taught her (she hadn't really accepted us much before) and she felt the spirit so strong that she cried in the prayer at the end. We taught her about the Atonement and how it can help her to overcome not only her sins but also her sickness, sadness, etc... and she has a sickness that the doctors have said she will never cure of, so it hit her hard. We then taught her that the atonement comes into play when we have faith, we repent, we are baptised, etc... so she accepted to be baptised! Doctrine that saves, lesson 3. Textbook.

Got to go work with Elder V (my son) this week in his new area where he is now senior companion and seems to be killing it. They opened area which can be kinda hard, but he already knows his area super well and had a backup plan right away for every appointment that fell through. They have people lined up to be baptised every week for the next month and a half. The young gun´s killing it. We also helped an investigator move from our area to their area (like an hour long trip) so he's into serving as well. Proud dad. 

I've been translating conference talks in my language study and I recommend one from Elder Uchtdorf called The Greatest Among You. Teaches a lesson I have been learning over the last 2 years. 


Loving the mission, all good here, should be a great week. 

Elder Lethaby 

Questions Answered

Do you ever speak English anymore?!
I speak English sometimes when I call an American elder or in intercambios, but maybe like once a day I speak English. 

How are your shoes holding up? Lots of walking in this area right now?
My shoes all have different kinds of holes and stuff. Lots of walking. I think I will be able to make it to the end with my current shoes though. 

Have you written down emails, etc. for companions, families, etc.? You won’t always have their LDS mail.
Not much honestly, trusting a lot in facebook for after the mission. 

I´m staying! Elder P 2.0 is here with me now, stay tuned in the big email. 

Have a spiritual moment you can share from this week?
I think it would be when Elder V was packing his bags for the transfer, he left a nice quad (scriptures) out, and when I asked him if he wanted to bring it with him, he said "no, I want to give it to A (a new investigator that went to church for the first time this week that we have only taught twice so far)". He felt a lot of love towards him and it didn't matter that he may never see him again. Great guy.

How much does disobedience affect a mission?
Interesting question. Sometimes there are disobedient missionaries that baptise a ton, and obedient missionaries that never baptise. The difference I think, is more in the personal progress of the missionary. Disobedient missionaries are never happy, they are prideful, and have no lasting change from their missions. 

Did people ask you to compare what your church does with Easter over what the Catholics do?
Ya they asked if we celebrate semana santa and I didn't remember how to say Easter in Spanish until they said it in conference so it was kinda hard to explain. 

How are the members helping you right now?
Lots of them have been giving us referral's without even asking this week which was awesome! The ones that are helping the most are the recent converts :) 2 YSA leaders who are converts of the last 4 months. 

Do you think President has high expectations of you?
Yes. He told me when he sent me to this area that he expects me to be baptising every week :O

Best moment of the week?
When I (convert from 2 weeks ago) told me he's probably going to move to Canada for his work in January! 

Did you get your Easter box? Oma sent liquorice and socks in it for you, along with all the other stuff from me.
No, but I did get dad's letter and a postcard fro Oma! Thanks a lot!

We get to Skype on Mother’s day - the 13th of May…just a heads-up! Will you be in a members home?
I don't know where I will be on the 13th, but I will keep you posted :)

Did the box arrive?
Not yet

Are you bringing your waffle iron home with you? You can probably gift that to the ward or something!! Just be sure to give them your secret recipe!
No I don't think so, if we have one at home I will leave it with someone

Did you try anything new this week? Teaching? Approach? Food?
We tried this one style of tacos called "Alambre" which I like a lot. It's like the meat is all fried up with peppers and cheese and spices. Big fan

Tell us about someone in the ward that you admire/look up to.
The O family. It's a family that some members had told us rumours about when we got to the area, but they have been the complete opposite. The dad went with us like 4 times this week to visit L who's his neighbour that is going to get baptised in 2 weeks and he brought us with some other less active families as well. Just super willing to help out whenever he can and never complains even though she wasn't there and we had to wait for her a couple of times. 

Monday, 26 March 2018

You Should Watch the Movie Coco

Ya I forgot to tell you last week, but we got to watch the movie Coco with the purpose of getting more into family history so we will be getting on that soon.

K has gone to the temple already I think too! We gave G and N a picture of the temple too so that they could have that goal. This week went much better in the sacrament meeting. We had 8 investigators attend, 6 of whom went for the first time, and the other 2 who will be baptised in the next 2 weeks! Lots of people who we were starting to lose hope in arrived on their own and even brought friends with them! That's the biggest attribute I learned this week... hope. On Sunday morning the grandma of our investigator who will be baptised this week called and said she would be out of town, another family who was going to pass by for other investigators cancelled because they were in the hospital, and I was really losing hope that they would arrive, but my companion decided to pray and said such a long, sincere, loving prayer and I know it was answered. If he hadn't been with me, we would not have had success. That gives me hope this week as we finish his training, that even though there are still many things he needs to learn, he has a lot of strengths that few missionaries have. One of the most consecrated in the mission. I have never seen such a big change in a missionary in such little time, and I can honestly say, even though I still get frustrated with him at times, that I love him a lot.

That's awesome to hear about President Miller (going to be a mission president in Brazil) he's going to kill it! Sounds like all is well back home. 

Sorry it was kinda short this week, but that's all I got. 

Love you lots!
Elder Lethaby

Questions answered:

Have you gone to see the murals of the Government Palace in Tlaxcala? It’s in Zocalo, Tlaxcala. Looks really cool.
No , haven't heard of that place honeslty hahah but Il'l look into it

Have you walked through the historic area of Tlaxcala? It’s on my list!
I think that's like our whole area, its like being in a museum all day every day. 

Who are you teaching this week? What will you be teaching them?
We will be teaching a ton of people haha, the main ones are Y, I, and L right now. With Y we will teach about Law and Ordinances of the gospel (L5), with I we will teach the law of chastity hehe (he's got a very serious GF but wants to get baptised soon), and with L we will teach the plan of salvation, and the Sabbath day, because she's sick and has a hard life but finally came to church this week and so we can make some real progress now. 

What did you study this week? What did you learn?
I read a talk that I have read many times in my mission called "The fourth missionary" that talks about charity and real intent and stuff, and I learned that if I don't work with real intent in the mission I will go home unchanged. 

Will you get to talk with K's parents?
I kinda doubt it because its probable that this is my last week here :( and we actually asked her about that yesterday and she said they still aren't quite ready. But one day not too far away we will.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Hi mom! Happy Birthday! I was doing a baptismal interview the other day and when I wrote down the date I realised your birthday was in 2 days and I got hyped! 

This week was good but kinda hard cuz Satan is working hard out here. We had 3 baptisms lined up for the next 2 weeks and on Sunday family members arrived with 2 of them on Sunday morning, so they couldn't come to church, and the other lil guy´s (Y) grandma who's a member and takes him to church, went out of town. Not much we can do but keep working hard. It's very true what you said about remembering always that it's by the spirit, and not by us. Every baptism is a miracle. This stake is very active, which sometimes leads to be competitive, and then the work sometimes loses the spirituality. It's awesome that the stake is so active and excited though. We have seen a huge change in this stake in the last few months. 
This week K (our recent convert) got called as the YSA leader in the ward. She is so active and I honestly think she will serve a mission. She has read the whole BOM! Her parents who have been very, very against this choice, have even started asking her about the Book of Mormon! So happy for her :)
M who was baptised last week is also going to the activities and even signed up to teach a cooking class in the relief society activity this week!
I don't remember if I told you last week but we started teach the brother (I) of a recent convert with his 3 sons last week. They couldn't make it to church on Sunday, but they are also super excited to be baptised. He even attended a baptism this week with his son. Such a good, sincere, man, that wants nothing more than a better life for his kids than he has had, and he's looking in the right place.
This week I also had a very proud father moment hahaha. My companion has progressed SO MUCH! The first few weeks were very, very hard on me and I think even harder on him. It has been so hard for him to understand the mission life. But every day his prayers are so sincere and the Lord answers them. The ability to speak with elegance, or smooth talk people is not the way of the Lord. He has been such an example of that to me, and the Lord has blessed him for it. It's like in Ether 12, WEAK THINGS BECOME STRONG! I honestly feel like he could probably be a senior companion when he finishes his training in 2 weeks and when he arrived I was worried about whether or not he could make it through his training. Such a miracle. 

Happy birthday mom :) Love you so much and next year I will be there to eat some Chinese food with you guys! And next Christmas, and next time it's dads birthday and most other holidays hahaha. 

Have a great week and enjoy the pics. 

Elder Lethaby

Questions Answered:
Any more issues with bed bugs...or is that ongoing and just a Mexico thing?
In this area, still nothing. I have had them in 3 of 5 areas. 

Is the Zika virus a thing there (from mosquitos)?
They say it is, but there are very few mosquitos right now (and in general), so I am not worried about it. 

Tell me about a great place you’d take me for dinner for my birthday in your mission! Could even be a members house and we’ll be sure to visit them when we come visit your mission!!
We tried a new taco place that just opened up last week right by the church called "Los Cuñaos" (the brother-in-laws") where they make tacos of carne asada with guacamole, 6 different kinds of salsa, roasted onions, etc... pretty cheap, very urban/rusticy design, and very good food.

The "Tlaxcala Norte" zone (bautizona)

A lil trt 

 Our hotel house (nicest in the mission!)

Baptisms, Investigators and Converts...Oh My!

This week was awesome again. M got baptised! She is more active than all of the members hahaha.The bishop went with us to a lesson this week and she was already asking for a calling! So happy for her. And I got to baptise her! First time in a while. 
We also found a new investigator this week whose name is Y and his grandma is a recent convert who just moved to our area. He is in a wheelchair, and can't walk but immediately accepted to be baptised even though his parents aren't too hyped on it but grandma is down to bring him in the wheel chair every week. I feel a lot of love for the lil guy. 
Also, the uncle of M (who we baptised in January) came to church and brought his 16 year old son. After church we went to go teach them and the dad and his 3 sons all accepted to be baptised! Lots of family members who are members of the church that can help out though. 

I know that I am here for a reason, in this area, with this companion, and at this time. So many people have come into our lives and I know it's not by chance. God has a plan for us and knows us by name. He loves us and watches over us always. 

Love being a missionary! :)

Elder Lethaby

M got baptized!!!

Joel's new Mask

Some Stairs in Our area that are Nice and Famous

Monday, 26 February 2018

Shoutout to Brother Fibke and the Boys!

Hahaha love those salsa verde chips, I ate them like every day in the offices. 

(Note from mom...we had these on our trip to Loreto, Mexico...new favourite for the whole family it appears!)

This week we were able to baptise N! She was hyped and even though very few went to the baptism it was very spiritual. The bad news though is that they are going to move out of the area this week! Hoping the new ward can visit them and help them be active members. The jeans at a baptism thing is very normal here, we are just happy to see them :) 

M is also going to get baptized this week! She went to both sessions of stake conference this weekend, goes to institue, had an interview with the bishop, met the stake president, met the mission president, went to the relief society activity, and the autosuficience classes. More active than the bishop I think! 

I've been pretty tired lately, but I am very glad I have a companion who is very excited and energetic in every moment. He doesn't understand a lot of parts of the mission yet, but his heart is in the right place, and that's not something you can teach. The rest will come with time. 

The bishop took us out for a pizza after stake conference to congratulate us for the baptisms we have had. I felt like I was going out with Brother Fibke and the boys like we always did back home after a conference, loved it. I have some really good friends in this ward. One couple who were baptized a year ago just got sealed in the temple and feed us every week at least once. They spoke in stake conference, and the brother is president of young mens and goes with us to lessons every week. That's the dream for our converts! 

Lovin my mission, so glad I took the choice to serve. It's like President Steele (our Stake President in NW Calgary) said about how he accepted to be a stake president when he was baptised. I accepted to serve a mission with all my heart, might, mind, and strength when I was baptised. 

Love the Lord and the miracles he gives us.
Elder Lethaby 

Questions Answered:

Have you sorted out the issue with your landlord thinking you’re to clean the other houses?
Yup! We are only in the one house now, everything outside isn't our problem, and everything inside is her problem if it isn't working. All good

Are you still “rent free”?
No, we pay rent now and have just a normal contract. 

Do you ever teach Family History to the new people?
No, don't even know how anymore really 

Will you get a chance to go to the temple again?
Depends on the new president... right now President Nelson take everyone to the temple on the way to the airport but I don't know what the new president will do.

Elder Lethaby's Relief Society

So happy to see that pic of the Tagg family mom! You have no idea (maybe you do).
This week was awesome, we found a new investigator who listened to missionaries 2 years ago, wanted to be baptised, but lost contact. She accepted a baptismal date more easily than I have seen in my whole mission!
Got my waffle iron back and we had a district activity today with my relief society and made some waffles with whipped cream, banana, stawberries, maple, everything! (6 sisters and 2 elders). 
No baptisms this week for the first tim in like a month, but N passed her interview and will be baptized this Saturday at 11:00. You are all invited.
My companion is getting better and has a lot more initiative now. He doesn't understand a lot of things still, but that's just an adjustment of the mish. 
The house is finally running as it should, and things are going well in general. I will hunt down a mask asap :)
I think that's about all I got for you this week, so sorry.

Love Elder Lethaby

Questions Answered:

Did you get a carnival mask? It was in Loreto as well, but we didn’t go into town to see everything...just heard there was a carnival.
Still no, but I think next week we are going to go get one. 

Feeling any more humble at this stage of your mission than when you started? Tough to answer that...I know! Any specific circumstances that have humbled you?
I would say the lack of baptisms at some parts of my mission humbled me a lot. I was serving as a leader, but didn't baptise much like everyone kinda expects, so I was humbled a lot. Aso Elder N taught me a lot about humility and helped me see my weaknesses but also overcome them. Lots of good experiences have helped me with that.