His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Second Earthquake

From the Mission President at 2:26 pm:
Estimados Padres y amigos de misioneros de la misión Mexico Puebla Norte. A la 1:15 de la tarde hoy experimentamos un sismo centrado entre Puebla y CDMX que midió 7.1. Perdimos electricidad, servicio celular e internet. Poco a poco se están arreglando. Estamos en el proceso de verificar el estatus de cada misionero. Colocaremos mas noticias en las redes socials y por correo electrónico cuando estén disponibles. Gracias por sus oraciones y fe. - Presidente Nelson

Dear Parents and Friends of missionaries of the Mexico Puebla North mission. At 1:15 this afternoon we experienced a 7.1 earthquake centered between Puebla and Mexico City. We lost electricity, cell service and internet. Little by little it is getting fixed. We are in the process of verifying the status of each missionary. We will add more information to the social networks and by email when it is available. Thank you for your prayers and faith. - President Nelson.

From the Mission President at 4:01pm (wow they are on top of things!):
Estimados papas y amigos de misioneros de la misión Mexico Puebla Norte. Ahorita terminamos verificando con todos los misioneros en la misión y todos están bien! Hemos hablado con cada uno de ellos para asegurar que están bien y que están en un lugar seguro. Cada misionero va a tener la oportunidad de escribir a sus familias mañana cuando todo el poder ha sido restaurado y las calles están mas seguras. Colocaremos cualquier cambio en las redes socials y por correo electrónico. Muchas gracias por sus preocupaciones y oraciones. - Presidente Nelson

Dear parents and friends of missionaries in the Mexico Puebla North mission. We just finished verifying with all of the missionaries in the mission and all are without injury and in a secure place! We have talked with each and every one of them personally to make sure they are okay. Each missionary is going to have the opportunity to write their families tomorrow when every thing has calmed down and all power has been restored. We will add any change to the social media sites and by email. Thank your for your concern and your prayers. - President Nelson

So we´re allowed to write home again because as I'm sure you saw on Facebook and news and stuff there was another earthquake today! It was a 7.1, not sure what that means but it was kinda big I guess. We were in a lesson with a guy who works at a drycleaners, just like at the front desk with him and we started to testify and the ground literally started shaking and I felt like super powerful. We just walked out to the middle of the street to wait it out, and everyone around was running and screaming. The guy we had been teaching ask us, "Why is it that everyone else is freaking out and us three are so calm?" We were able to tell him that we were calm because we are prepared, or at least we are in the process of preparing ourselves. 
30 tell you these things because of your prayers; wherefore, treasure up wisdom in your bosoms, lest the wickedness of men reveal these things unto you by their wickedness, in manner which shall speak in your ears with voice louder than that which shall shake the earth; but if ye are prepared ye shall not fear. D&C 38:30

Super powerful experience honestly, the Spirit was very strong. 

The church in the picture was totally fine when we were on the way to the lesson, and when we walked back it was like that! (D&C 29:21)

I felt the Spirit many times tell me that the time is very soon, much sooner than we are thinking. Have a good rest of the week, but please prepare yourselves and everyone else. 

The whole mission is fine, just a bit of damage in a few houses (including the mission home :(  ), I don't feel scared at all.

All is well is Zion.
Love you guys,
Elder Lethaby 

Waffle Iron as the latest purchase - missionary tool?

September 18, 2017

Hi Mom! 
I think I will be writing earlier, but not always, it just depends on our pday plans now haha. Elder S says hi and we think you should make friends with his mom - send her a request on FB. 

This week was awesome, really saw some miracles. Our investigator A, is 20 years olds, has a member gf, has like 8 months investigating the church, and is finally going to be baptised this week! He was working but now he quit and can have more time to be active in the church. Great guy, trying to decide between mission and marriage but I'm telling him to mish it because his soon to be bro in law is the Elders quorum pres, his soon to be father in law is the old bishop, and because its a commandment (mostly because of that). Ive been learning to be more bold and not be afraid of just inviting everyone to do what God wants them to do. 
We had some great zone conferences this week where we got everyone to do a trust fall line and then we talked about how if even just one of us isn't committed to reach our missions goal (100 baptisms in a month), the rest of us cant do it either. We are a team! The whole church is a team! 

Last week we bought a waffle iron, and today we took it to the test with a member and his nonmember fam and they turned out just great! We will be having better breakfasts now I guess but please send more syrup. I got the package with the Canadian froot loops and all that! Great work mom, big fan! You're the best mom in the world! What's the latest on the pants situation though? Trying to decide if I should go buy some or wait for a package because I only really have two pairs right now. And Elder M still wants beef jerky!

Sounds like everyones doing great! 
Love you!
Elder Lethaby

First Earthquake

September 11, 2017

Hi mom! 
We had a very eventful week that went by really quick. We took an Elder who went home to the airport in Mexico city, we went to Tlaxcala, we planned a zone conference, we survived an earthquake, we lost a companion (Elder M who went with the companion of the Elder who went home), and we still squeezed in a little bit of time to see some miracles. A, an "eternal investigator", quit his job, and will now have time to go to church and see us a bit more often. He went to church yesterday and wants to get baptised. His girlfriend is a member who invited him, but he is super sincere and has a strong testimony. Should be baptised in two weeks! We also had been praying to find someone who had also been praying to find us. The next day when we were heading back home, a woman was backing in to her driveway in front of where we were walking and stopped, rolled down the window, and told us she needed a verse of scripture or something to help her out right now because she was going through problems with her husband. We were able to give her the family proclamation and testify that it will get better. Very simple but powerful experience. We also found a part member family of 4 siblings between the ages of like 25 and 35 who all live together and only one brother is a member, but he's awesome and went on a mission and we started teaching his family yesterday. One of his brothers was super closed, but he has a sister whose children are baptised and she was talking about how she wants them to keep going to church but just doesn't trust herself to be "perfect enough" to be a member. That's what the atonement is for though! So many people think it's just for our sins, but it's for our weaknesses too! We told her she doesn't have to be perfect, that we aren't perfect, and at the end she told us we are the first (of many) missionaries who have come and told her that. She said she felt like we were being real with her, that we were there to help her and not just baptise her to count it on a list.I feel like that has been a big change in me in the mission and it was a great experience. 
Love you all
Elder Lethaby

What does his badge mean to him?

September 4, 2017,

Shane's living the dream! 
I love magnum bars too, they're kinda expensive for missionaries, but I love them so sometimes I treat myself. Sounds like an awesome trip though. 
This week we had a ton of meetings again, almost all went very well, and it looks like there's some good stuff going on in the mission. In one of them I realised there were only 3 missionaries out of like 30 with more time than me in the mission which was very weird, the mission is super young now. Feeling inspired to work harder ever day. We are literally preparing the way for the second coming so we gotta get going! A bit stressed with some little problems though but don't worry about it, got great companions to work with. Elder S is funny in the same way as Jake Maller like he just says things sometimes that don't make sense but he's also really smart and has a lot of ideas and thoughts about how we can help the mission. Elder M might leave us this week, still haven't decided, but hes doing good too, the last few days with a sudden burst of energy because the secretaries bought his plane ticket. 
This week we had a miracle too! A__ (20), an old investigator who almost got baptised but then started working way too much so he couldn't go to church called us and told us he was going to enter university and would not have to work much and wants to prepare himself for baptism and he wants to go to institute! So hyped on him! Please pray that he can have the strength to overcome the temptations that come his way. Great guy, also talked about going on a mission. 

I know this is the same work Christ would do if he were here, we just have to try harder to do it in His way.
Love ya!
Elder Lethaby

Questions Answered: 

What does your badge mean to you? How is it different than an employee badge?
It means that we've gotta be alert at all times because we represent the church, the fam and most importantly the Savior. Big deal. We talk a lot about how if we didn't have the badge, would they still recognize us as representatives of Jesus Christ? 

How will you teach people and/or missionaries this week the way the Saviour taught? How will you teach like the Master?
We have been talking a lot about the need to "clean up the mission" again because of a few things that have happened, and so I think it would have to be teaching them to be obedient, visiting those who need help, but not just to get mad at them but to honestly help them become like Christ. 

Who has served you this week, and who have you served?
Today N, a recent RM from our ward took us to McDons which is a big trt cuz it's expensive for us and it was the first time I've gone in my mish so that counts as service, big fan of him. I served Elder S with his new role as AP to understand all of his new jobs.

When I knew it Was True....

August 28, 2017

We're in a trio now! Elder S from Arizona is gonna be with us. He's a real good guy who's really good at swimming (swam with Micheal Phelps and once beat him so he's probs gonna go to the Olympics when he gets home). I have wanted to be his companion for a long time so couldn't be happier. He was just in Amalucan with Elder A too which is kinda cool. 
Yesterday we received 6 new missionaries (all great), and said goodbye to 10 (we keep losing more). Also another secretary (Elder A) got here so well be 6 in the offices now. 
Sounds like you are all doing great and enjoying the vacations. Keep me posted. Would love to go see Spain some time. 

Wrote lots in my answers to the questions, so I already talked about everything else I wanted to say haha. 
Love you all, I'm excited right now!!
Elder Lethaby

Questions Answered:

Can you pinpoint when you knew the church was true? 
I think the first time I felt the spirit like really strong was the first time I went to the temple when I was 12 and I was waiting to do baptisms sitting with Scotty K, and his grandma had just passed away and he was pretty sad but I just remember I felt the spirit really strong when we talked about eternal families. That night I read the book of Mormon by myself when I got home for the first time even though it was like 1:00am just because I wanted to. Also lots of EFY/Youth conferences helped me along the way. THE ACTIVITIES FOR THE YM/YW ARE IMPORTANT! NEVER MISS THEM!

What doctrine are you studying right now?
We have been studying as a mission in the BoM about the promises that father Lehi made with his children and posterity. We have found some pretty cool examples, and then we highlight in another colour what we can do to make sure those promises are fulfilled. 2 Nefi 29 has some trts. 

How do you study? Compare scriptures, and read talks on a specific topic? Discuss?
Also as a mission we are studying 44 principles. Basically what that is, is a binder president gave us where there are several sheets (44) and a bunch of questions and ways of applying every principle. The 44 principles are the principles that come in the lessons in chapter 3 of PMG (Preach My Gospel). So we basically just make mini lesson plans of every little topic so that when we are called upon we can be ready to explain it is a powerful, clear way and use scriptures, experiences and examples to back it up. 

How was the fancy dinner with the president? Try anything new?
We went to Pampas, a Brazilian buffet. It was very good. They have people that come around with different kinds of meat and you can just tell them yes or no. I said yes a little too much :) One thing I tried was like roasted pineapple with cinnamon. V good. Not much new other than that. 

What have you learned about a companionship that you want to take with you into a marriage?
I have learned to accept that my ideas aren't always better than my companions ideas. Even though sometimes he still doesn't convince me that his ideas are better, I just give in and sometimes he proves me wrong and I like it because I let myself learn more. 

See any new sights this week?
Mmm that one not really. Just that we moved around the furniture and cleaned the house a lot to make way for our new companion so the house is a new sight haha.

One Year Down-Learning to be a Grown-up

August 21, 2017

Hi mom,
We had a pretty interesting week, lots of different experiences. 
I got to go on divisions with President Nelson Tuesday, the transfer meeting on Wednesday, interchanges on Thursday, and a little more time in our area on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday our ward finally got a bishop! They called a brother who's about 30 years old as the bishop, and his two councillors are younger than him! The three of them were very shocked with their callings, but I think they will do a good job to make a change in the ward. Kinda scary though!
I enjoyed the transfer meeting a lot! We went to president's house from like 9:30-2:30 and still didn't finish! Lots of work. There's a white board with a card of every missionary, their picture, their areas they've had, their old companions, their assignments, and a few other details. We prayed and then talked a lot about every one of them. Not all of the changes we decided to make are what we had thought would happen, sometimes president knows other things that are going on with certain missionaries, and sometimes the spirit just tells us to change something.  
We also set some goals that Sister Nelson is gonna be checking with us about the work in our area. We set the goal to be there working for 40 hours a week which doesn't sound like much but was pretty hard to reach this week. 

Hey send pics next week though! That's my rule if you're gonna go on vacation without me you gotta send pics! Can't really think about what else happened this week but I just went and bought some new shoes so that's kinda cool. They're gonna be my Sunday/conference/nice event shoes because even though my other ones are still hanging in there, they don't look too good anymore. I think they were the equivalent of like $60 though and they're Flexi brand which I think is supposed to be pretty good. 

Learning lots here about being a grown up hahah, like I can't just ask someone else whenever I have a problem, I have to figure it out and have the confidence in myself that it's the right answer (with mission rules and special permissions and stuff like that). Also just always being prepared without having to be asked for everything. I feel like I didn't know how to think for myself before the mission. 

One year down now, have loved it a lot up to this point and am very excited to keep progressing and drawing closer to Heavenly Father every day. Even though some days I have been working so hard without seeing any results, I look back now and honestly feel very proud of what I have been able to do. Love being a missionary. 

Have fun in Iceland and Spain and stuff!
Elder Lethaby 

Questions Answered:

Can you describe the city a bit?
The city has a lot of parts that are really "fresa" or like fancy nice, and other parts that are a bit poor. You get around in combi (little van that's like the public transportation). Everyone speaks Spanish but in this ward a bit more English. Idk what else to say haha.

Best memory of the week?
The transfer meeting! Very cool experience to see how it's done and see the concern president has for the missionaries when we are planning. Even the disobedient missionaries are very important to him and we tried to plan to help them change. 

Are you close to a Costco? One just opened in Iceland in May! What?!
I think so because the secretaries always go but I've never been!

Favourite scripture this week.
Jacob 5. Didn't get it at all before the mish and now I get it a little. https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/jacob/5?lang=eng

When you learn that this 88 year old walks slow...

August 14th

Hi Mom!
We had a really good week with the zone conferences. The best part was when President talked about charity, and showed this talk (please listen AND watch): https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2007/10/the-great-commandment?lang=eng 
He talked about how if even just one of us has the idea in our mind that the mission is about receiving recognition for assignments or how many baptisms you have, the whole mission will go down. He used an example of just putting a little drop of food colouring in a big jar of water, but quickly it spread through all the water (the mission). We can choose if we want it to be a drop of charity or pride. One Elder told me after it was one of the most spiritual experiences of his (23.5 month) mission. We also talked about specific things we can do to work better with the members. 
Before I forget, my companion wants me to ask you to send beef jerky hahaha, an old companion got it once and he LOVED it but hasn't found it here. Also if you find that there's a bit of money missing from my account don't worry, I think I'm gonna buy some new shoes and a suit next week so it's for that. 
Sounds like all is well there in the YYC, Katelyn looks really happy! Send pics of her husband! Also the overpass looks handsome. 
Got to work with Elder Stones for a day this week too, which was a treat, I think he probably sent a pic to his family of the ice cream we bought, there's like 10 places to buy it in our area and it's all so good. He's doing really good and is a lot more confident now!
This week we are already going to have the first meeting to plan the transfers of the mission which I think will be a very very cool experience, super excited for that.

Have fun in Iceland and send lots of pics! Wish I could be there with you guys, but I am so happy to be where I am right now. I know the people, the place, the experiences, and everything around me is part of Heavenly Fathers plan so that I can become who I need to be. 

Love you all!
Elder Lethaby
Questions Answered:

How did zone conference go?
The zone conferences went really well! We were able to get everything ready and even with the hurricane that came by on Thursday it all went really well!

What lessons did you learn about organising an event like this?
We shouldn't just assume that the missionaries understand what they have to do. The zone leaders and sister training leaders are given the chance to train in the zone conferences, but we realised almost all of them are new, and they haven't had much experience training and that was probably the worst part of the conference, but not because they aren't good missionaries, because we didn't teach them. 

Ever play any good practical jokes, or have any done to you?
Were really into sneaking into the offices really quietly and waiting to see how long it takes for the secretaries to realise we´re there, but other than that not much since the MTC. 

Where will you spend FHE tonight? Do you mostly go to members?
We are gonna go with a little old lady and her less active fam!

Did you learn anything on the Sabbath Day…yesterday?
Yes! We passed by for an 88 year old recent convert who lives like 2 blocks away from the church so we thought we could get there in like 5 minutes, but he walked really slow, like way slower than we thought, and I was frustrated and ashamed to get to church late, but then I realised it was more important that he could get there, than just thinking about myself. Also they asked me to speak when I got there. 

Monday, 7 August 2017

When you Avoid the Super Catholic House

July 31, 2017

Hi Mom!
Another good week in the mission :) I'm gonna be quick because not a lot happened this week honestly. Went on exchanges twice this week, once in a part of the mission where I've never been, and the other in Amalucan! It feels really good to teach and work hard, there's a new sense of urgency when I do get to work now, because there's not a lot of time. When I think about it though, there really isnt a lot of time ever in the mission, we should always have that urgency! Less than a year left can you believe it?! 
Hey so this week even though our area isn't going too great right now, all of my past areas are going crazy! Teotlaltzingo has a family of 4 that are going to church every week and are gonna get baptised, in Totolac a man and his granddaughter that we found when I was with Elder N got baptised and the sons of Jose are really close too! In Amalucan I went on exchanges with Elder S, and M (the miracle investigator that wants to get baptised and married to her bf in the temple) finally got permission from her mom to be baptised and we went to see the family we baptised a few weeks ago and they are going great too! I love it because even though I am not there right now to be in the baptisms and teach the people, I know the the Lord is blessing the wards and families I have been able to serve. I know that even though I have felt frustrated in many moments of my mission, my work has never been in vain and will never be in vain. I think that is one of the best parts of this assignment that I now have, that I get to see and hear how my old companions, converts, and wards are doing.
We are preparing the zone conferences now and I am loving the opportunity to learn from President Nelson. He is called of God. His way to plan, give correction, teach, listen, and be an example are teaching me so much. Missions truly are run by revelation, not just by a manual or whatever would be the easiest way to do things. The Lords way! 

So grateful for the things I am learning here, I know the Lord is preparing me to be who I need to be. 

Love ya!
Elder Lethaby

August 7, 2017

Hi Mom!
Hey had a family history experience this week that you're gonna love!
Got to go to Totolac again and see a few converts, members and old investigator. One man Elder N and I started teaching was baptised last Saturday, and we ran into him while he was walking in the street. He said he was getting back from the grave yard where he had gone to look for information about his family so that he could take their names to the temple at the ward temple trip on the 26th. He was so excited about it! He had been waiting more than 14 years to be baptised. I realised that we really don't understand how blessed we are to be able to do it all 15 minutes away from home and find name with the click of a button. So cool! He is a carpenter and he was making a little lamp that's the shape of a house and he was going to write something like "as for me and my house we will serve the Lord" and put it in the front entrance so he could always remember who he is now. Honestly felt the spirit so strong just to see him and hear him talking about this. 
Other than that, the family that I think I told you about last week (FF) is going really well! We taught 3 more times this week, and they are super humble, the spirit is very strong in every lesson and we have members helping us out! Not a lot of time to work in our area, but I love it when we do!  

This week we have mostly been preparing for the zone conferences that is coming up tomorrow, and the leadership council that we had on Friday. Two new secretaries got here today that are now in their training, Elder V and Elder P. Elder V was the trainer of Elder P like 4 months ago and now they are companions again! Both are the only member of their families. Should be fun now with 6 here!  

Pic: Elder Pantoja and I a little while back, he went home last week and sent me that pic that was taken with the IPHONE 7!!!! Those things are crazy. 

Love being a missionary, I know that the Saviour is very aware of everything going on in our lives, and when we humble ourselves he can help us with whatever we need. I am grateful for the opportunity to improve every day in the mission. 

Love you all!
Elder Lethaby

Gonna go eat tacos now :)

Questions answered:

How many missionaries work in the office?
Just 4 including us two.

How many hours a week are you expected to still teach?
As many as we can, it's not really a set amount but we were able to get out a little bit more this week. 

Are you allowed to work out with Sister Nelson…she seems to be setting the pace!!
Hahah haven't asked but they live outside of the mission so I don't think I can go over there.

Favourite new fruit?
Mango always, but also another fruit called tuna (a cactus fruit? Prickly pear?) I think is pre good. Not sure how to say it in English

Do you have a group email you use for the boys? I hear the girls want in!
Yes but its kinda a boys only club :( they can make another one though if they want

Are you teaching anyone right now that we can pray for?
mmm we just found a family yesterday that is very humble and excited to listen, but it's only been one visit. Also another family that goes to church but they don't wanna get married so they can't get baptised, could pray to give them the desire to be married.

Funniest/weirdest story of the week….
I went to Amalucan on exchanges this week, and we went to teach a new investigator that they found that has a whole bunch of like super catholic stuff outside of their house and literally a sign that says if you're from another religion go away, and the same house Elder A and I had passed by a lot of times and like joked about knocking just to see what would happen, but we never did. Turns out they're golden investigators haha. 

Give us a spiritual moment you experienced this week.The one I talked about in the big email!

Best advice this week from President Nelson?He gave an example of how we should use our time in the mission. He drew a square on the white board and drew circles inside of different sizes but that covered most of the square. The circles represent the time we should be working with, visiting, and getting to know the members, the space in between represents the time when we should be working on our own, contacting, knocking doors, etc... Basically we should put all of our trust in the members, but when its not possible, fill in the gaps with our own forces. Always be doing something.

What is something your companion is really good at?He's really good at working out, being organised, like remembering everything that needs to get done, and helping me to improve.

What goals have you set for your spiritual self this week?
Accept what my companion, the Lord and everyone else want of me, not just what I think is the best.  

Monday, 24 July 2017

Act and Not be Acted Upon and AAAAAAAA......P

July 18, 2017

Well I was gonna keep it top secret but looks like Elder Stones spilled the beans hahaha. I am now one of the assistants to President Nelson, my companion is Elder M from Bolivia, and we will be working in the Heyotlipan Ward! That's why I didn't write yesterday, we were greeting the new missionaries, saying goodbye to the old missionaries, and getting everything set up! Elder M is very hard working and he means business, lots to learn from him. This week my pday is Tuesday, but after today it will still be Monday. I am pretty nervous haha but also very excited! Yesterday we went to President Nelsons house (not even in the misión boundaries) with the missionaries who are heading out (Elder P, my dad went home today). Lots of things should be very different now. 
This week we were able to baptise L and S, the two girls in the picture, and their parents are going to get married in August so that they can get baptised too. Such a great family! The dad works everyday except for Sundays, so it's hard to teach him, but he has been reading the Book of Mormon on his own time, and he told us yesterday that he can now say he knows the Book of Mormon is true because it answers his questions when he reads it. It was very sad to say goodbye to them, even though I was only in the Ward for 6 weeks, I feel a lot of love for them. Pretty powerful. Elder A also had changes, so two new missionaries are there now, Otto Comins boy Elder Allen is one of them! I honestly feel very happy about the work we did in Amalucan. It was known to be one of the hardest wards and zones in the misión, with the smallest area to proselyte, but we didn't listen to what they said and just worked hard! Big lesson there. Also the zone is leading the whole misión right now in baptisms in July! 

The culture of the misión here is changing and I am loving it! Should be a very crazy few months here!
Great to hear about everyone getting married though!

Love you all, 
Elder Lethaby

July 24, 2017

It has been a very weird, crazy week. 
We prepared and gave over 8 hours of training this week, went to the Noche de Salientes (not sure how to say that in English) which was in Presidents house which is very nice and not in the mission boundaries, and I learned a lot of things that we do here that I never even thought about who prepared all that stuff before. It's honestly a lot of fun though! I got to see every one of my companions from my whole mission this week and they are all doing great! Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing anything because we have just been in the office doing things on computers every day, but we have also had a lot of fun, and spiritual experiences. 
That's a lot of things that I didn't expect! Congrats Lance! And Niki (Tagg) and Shane (Cuckow)! And everyone! 
Sounds like things are going good though.
From what Elder Al and S are saying, the fam we baptised last week is going good, they get along with them just as well as we did! 
The white shirts are a miracle (his shirts still look white!)! And now we have a real washing machine and everything! Like the kind where you just push buttons. We also have a lot of cockroaches in our house though :(

I think the main thing I am learning here so far is how to be autosuficient (spanglish?). I still have my companion, but now there isn't a senior or junior companion, there's no district leader to call, and president is a very busy man haha, so I am learning to think for myself. I think before the mission and on the mission we often have a lot of questions like, do I have to talk to my bishop about that? Or does that count as a new investigator? Or is it ok to see that movie? We always want someone else to draw the line for us, we always want an answer of yes or no, and in this process we stop taking advantage of our personal agency. We honestly just have to think about what is the will of the Father in these situations, and do it! We have to get to the point where we think in the same way that the Father thinks, and then the answers will be clear. It's something we are trying to teach in the mission, like I shared in the scripture last week I think, we are to act, not be acted upon. (2 Nephi 2:26) I invite everyone to try to think in this way, to be independent but not selfish or prideful, but to be able to discern the good from the bad. 

That's what has been on my mind, hope it helps someone! 
Have a good week,
Love you all!
Elder Lethaby

Questions Answered:

What service did you give your companion this week?This morning I washed the dishes that they hadn't washed the whole week last week hahaha.

What have you learned to cook??:( oatmeal

Favourite scripture of the week?2 Nephi 2 26, are we people that act? That make things get done? Or just wait and let things happen and hope they're good things?

26 And the Messiah cometh in the fulness of time, that he may redeem the children of men from the fall. And because that they are  redeemed from the fall they have become free forever, knowing good from evil; to act for themselves and not to be acted upon, save it be by the punishment of the law at the great and last day, according to the commandments which God hath given.

What have you learned about your new Bishop, and how can you help him best? (Note: asked before we knew he was transferred)I can't help him much now hahaha because I'm not serving in his Ward now, but he seems to be organizing and training the leaders of the Ward more.

Did you get my letter with the stickers in it? Robyn Mulligan designed those, and sells them…also the patches.
Ya it just got here and they are really cool, Elder Barfuss was hyped too!

Will you travel to most parts of the mission with President Nelson?
Yup! In a few weeks we are just going to go to zone conferences all week with him, and sometimes if he wants to go on divisions with other Elders he will bring us along. 

What do you think of Sister Nelson?
She is one of the most impressive women I know. She does like 1000 sit ups every morning or something I heard, like literally. Has a hard time with the language, but everyone loves her a lot. Big fan. 

Scripture of the week?
2 Nefi 15: 25, and also the whole chapter. But I like this verse a lot because I was feeling kinda disappointed in myself this week but it helped me understand the atonement. 

 25 Therefore, is the anger of the Lord kindled against his people, and he hath stretched forth his hand against them, and hath smitten them; and the hills did tremble, and their carcasses were torn in the midst of the streets. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.

What cheers you up when things don’t seem to be going the way they should?
This week we weren't able to teach a single lesson with investigators (we had appointments but had to cancel), so I was feeling a lot of that this week, like I'm working hard but I think now that my work has to be focused differently so it feels like I'm not doing much. The scripture above helped me a lot though. 

Strangest thing you saw this week?
The streets at 1:00 in the morning, that is a weird sight. 

Mom saw this sign…You can’t please everyone…you’re not an avocado! Hope you’ve learned to love them! Avocados I mean!
I love them a lot. :) 

Monday, 10 July 2017

Shout out to Sam Turner x 2 and Latino Jesus Picture

Hi Mom! :)
This week was good! We had the stake presidency come yesterday and they called a new bishop which I was kinda sad about because our bishop was a lot of fun, but it sounds like the members are all very happy. The new bishop is Bishop B who was the bishop 18 years ago for 8 years, and they called him again! The old bishop will be able to sit with his family for the first time now, because he has been in bishoprics since he got married! The new Bishop is very strict and he means business which is good news as missionaries!
ALSO turns out Sam Turner served in this ward (Amalucan), found his name in the area book after a less active member asked me if I knew him. Ask him if he remembers Zenif Sanchez! Pretty cool to think about that. The second time someone has asked me if I knew him in my mission. 
This week the girls of the R family are gonna get baptized! L (13) has been going to the youth conference dance rehearsals like 5 times every week and they are both excited! Mom is gonna go try to get married this week too, so she should be coming up quick. Dad is progressing slower because he's only home on Sundays, but he's supportive. We went to eat breakfast with them today, and I shared the maple syrup you sent mom! Big fans. Chocolate pancakes too! They are a very special family, who are following what the spirit has told them even with opposition from other family members. Mom has told us many times that she considers us part of her family :) Her 20 year old son passed away a year ago today, and she was so happy when we taught about the plan of salvation :) Good memories there. 

I loved what you wrote mom, that's very true that lots of times we are super cold in the church. Yesterday, in a meeting with the ward mission leaders of the stake, one brother talked about that, how the bishop, the missionaries, and the ward mission leader should always be at the door greeting everyone to set the example, but you can and should do it too! The whole ward should be like ushers haha.

Good week, still big fan of the mighty Amalucan ward. 
Love you guys lots, thanks for your prayers!
Elder Lethaby

Questions answered:

Do you need new music sent to you?
No we can download the music from the offices of the mission and my current companion was a secretary before so he has it all!

Thanks for the pics of your comp…but I thought you wanted one of you together!
I will try harder this week, camera is dead right now but, I will start don't worry!

Have you taken pictures of each of your apartments? Curious minds want to know!
This one still no, but the other two yes. 

Ever have water issues? Shower, drinking, rain?
No not really, just sometimes we run out of gas so we have to take cold showers. 

Do you ever use music when you teach? It can really bring the Spirit.
With Elder Navas we did a lot, Elder Andazola sings real good so we should get into it. We have been showing more videos though and last night the video brought tears to the whole family! Mountains to climb is the video ( https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2013-01-003-mountains-to-climb?lang=eng ) 

Any advise to give those missionaries that will be heading out in the next couple of months?
Advice: Invite friends to church with you, it's not hard at all when you're at home and you will wish you had done it later. 

my comp with the painting of Jesus with a claw hand, scary eyes, and a laser beam

“En memoria de nuestros llamamientos sagrados de servir a Jesucristo, y nuestras familias del pasado, presente y futuro, y las promesas proféticas a nuestros hermanos de esta tierra prometida.”
“Como líderes de la Misión Mexico Puebla Norte, hacemos convenio con nuestro Dios de que seremos ejemplos a todos nuestros hermanos y hermanas al obedecer con exactitud por las razones correctas, olvidándonos de nosotros mismos, y consagrando nuestra vida al Señor ahora y para siempre. Estamos comprometidos a aceptar lo que merezcamos cuando rindamos cuentas al Señor.”


"In memory of our sacred calls to serve Jesus Christ, and our families of the past, present and future, and the prophetic promises to our brethren of this promised land."
"As leaders of the Mexico Puebla Norte Mission, we make a covenant with our God that we will be examples to all our brothers and sisters by obeying accurately for the right reasons, forgetting ourselves, and consecrating our life to the Lord now and forever. We are committed to accepting what we deserve when we are accountable to the Lord. " 

Thursday, 6 July 2017

A Very Weird Experience

June 26th, 2017
This week was very weird because we had intercambios 2 times, interviews with President Nelson, I went to 2 district meetings, and worked with my companion only 2 days in the whole week. Good stuff though. On Tuesday I went to the mountains (Tlachichuca) with Elder S (my son) and got to work with him. He has a lot more confidence than he did before which is great to see, he teaches exactly how I taught when I was with him and he told me I changed a lot hahaha. I think what changed is that I love the people now. I thought I did before but I also thought about how they were going to help me, not how I was gonna help them. Probs the prettiest area in the mission, but very far away. 
On Thursday I got to work with Elder N again. He has also changed but not that much. We got really wet but also had a super spiritual experience with a sister whose son got home early from his mission for health problems one day before. We talked about the atonement, and testified that HF is very happy with her and her son. Honestly have missed those two lots! 
Getting along great with companion even though we still don't have pics together. He's a lot like Ben Palmer, like he has glasses and tells the same kind of jokes that I have to think about a lot. 

I know that Jesus Christ is my Saviour! 
Love the mission. 
Elder Lethaby

Prettiest Area

July 3, 2017
Hey this week was good!  Very weird experience:
The couple we found 4 weeks ago that want to get sealed got back from their trip but the bf was supposed to be like with the marines for 4 months so when he showed up we were very surprised. The story is that something happened with his mind and he forgot the last 7 years of his life. He didn't remember us, his girlfriend, his son, his tattoos, everything that happened in the last 7 years. Super weird but also can't remember why he stopped going to church which is good haha. He is pretty depressed though because of that. So we were teaching them yesterday and we were focusing more on the gf at first but I realised he wasn't ok, and we changed the topic completely and focused on him. He opened up a ton and shared with us all of his feelings. I felt a very specific prompting to be kinda bold and tell him he had to stop focusing on himself and serve others. It was cool because I think that has been the greatest change in me in my mission up to this point, so I could really testify of it. The spirit was so strong, they trust us more now, and the gf accepted to be baptised! Just gotta love them! AND he wants to prepare himself to baptise her! 

A bit more time in our area this week, lots of miracles in the zone with areas that had had a lot of struggles, that finally got people to church! 

Trying to do things differently a lot here, and the bishop recognised it in his talk at church this week about how the missionaries have started to change things, and they need to follow! Great ward though, we are going to have lots of baptisms I think!

Love the Lord, love you guys!
Elder Lethaby

Finally got a picture of his companion...just not together!
And Elder Lethaby's carnivore instincts are being satisfied...obviously!!


If a good area means giving away 6 ties…does that mean you could use a few more?
I could always use more ties :) 

How rainy has it been? Up to your ankles rain like Elder Stones has mentioned?
Some days yes. I got to work with Elder Navas again this week and the street was flooded probably like 8 inches .

Have you had tres leche? One of the elders here was asking.
Like the cake? Ya that's like the only cake there is, but I'm not a fan honestly.

When have you felt loved this week?
When our family that's gonna get baptised told us we are part of their family and invited us to go eat breakfast with them today for our pday. 

How do you do laundry in this new area?
WE HAVE A WASHING MACHINE IN OUR HOUSE! It's a pretty cheap one but it works.

Have you been close to the volcano yet in any of your areas or exchanges?
Yup in my first area!

How do your shoes hold up in the rain?
Pretty good still, the brown ones are holding up

Still have your umbrella? Shane went through a few.
No I'm now on number 2

Did you celebrate Canada day in a small way?
Used my Canada day tie (even though a bird pooed on it) and called Elder Barfuss and he invited me to eat poutine but I couldn't go.

English classes? Or harder to organise than you thought? You will need the help of the members, as one on one is important when learning to converse, so you break out into smaller groups and work with the students. I’ve had spiritual experiences in class when we bear testimony of family, or freedom, etc. One student said she felt goosebumps when we talked.
They're going good, this week the bishop talked about how we have to work differently as a ward and used that as an example, so hoping more go this week. 

Best moment of the week?
Stay tuned for big email. 

Best advise from your mission pres?
Mmmm use bug spray and drink water. Wise man, also used to be a doc.

Monday, 19 June 2017



This week was kinda cool cuz Elder Pino, a seventy, came to visit the mission. He spoke to 3 zones on Thursday, 3 zones on Friday, and the leadership council on Saturday. He said he was talking to President Monson and the 12 on Wednesday and asked what we need to change in Mexico to start baptising more. He said the only answer was "work with the members". President Hinkley said many years ago that if we do that, we can double the baptisms every year in the church. Right now the mission is baptising about half or a little more of the monthly goal of 100 baptisms every month, so we talked on Saturday about what we are gonna change to reach that goal. This week we have a meeting with our bishop to talk about a ward mission plan. We are going to try to have a FHE  (family home evening) EVERY night with members and investigators, and when our plans fall through we are going to go visit ALL the members. President Monson got the Canadian mission to baptise 5 times more every year in just 3 years through this process. 

I wanted to share a spiritual thought from this week that we have been teaching with the members. In Matthew 4 it talks about when Jesus fasted for 40 days, how Satan tempted him, and then after all of that angels finally came to visit him and comfort him. I invite you now to read that story again and look at the Joseph Smith translation in verse 11, it makes a huge difference to the story and helps us understand the nature of Christ a little bit more. We have to serve even when we are in the hardest moments.

  1. Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil.
  2. And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was afterward an hungred.
  3. And when the tempter came to him, he said, If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.
  4. But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.
  5. Then the devil taketh him up into the holy city, and setteth him on a pinnacle of the temple,
  6. And saith unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.
  7. Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.
  8. Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;
  9. And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.
  10. Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.
  11. Then the devil leaveth him, and now Jesus knew that John was cast into prison, and he sent angels, and, behold, they came and ministered unto him (John)

This week was awesome, lots of people went to church again and I feel like the members trust us a lot. That's another thing that Elder Pino talked about, when we walk into a house, the members should feel like Captain Moroni is in their living room, we have to get to that point where the members and investigators just feel such a strong, spiritual presence when we are there. 

What else to say, but we are doing great and teaching really good families!
Love you all lots, lovin the mission,
Elder Lethaby

PS If you could send me a kendama that would be cool, kinda miss it.

Note from mom: Sent pics of the "new" Bowness High School and Elder Lethaby said, "Wow. Bowness is handsome."

Also sent pics of it being light at 10:30pm, and he said, "My companion doesn't believe it."

Elder Lethaby and Elder Stones together again after the MTC

Calgary Police 1/2 Marathon sweatshirt in Puebla!