His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Sacrament is Personal

I like what you said about enjoying it all and not getting to stressed and just work hard and have faith but ENJOY it!
This week I learned an important lesson about that. In a meeting with President Nelson and a few other missionaries this week we were talking about the importance of the Sacrament and that maybe by focusing more in that, more investigators will come to church. We learned a lot about the importance of that up to the point that we decided that the key indicator of "Investigators in sacrament meeting" will now be "Investigators who are there for the sacrament" meaning that if they get there late, it doesn't count! I think President has a very good point, if we aren't participating in the way Heavenly Father wants in the sacrament, nothing that we do in the week really counts! We have to teach that to the investigators to change the culture of the church! We applied that this week and I was able to have a more spiritual experience and enjoy the moment to sit still and think about how I can improve in my service, and love this week. Presidente also said something like, "The whole week we are to be thinking about everyone else, but during the sacrament is the only time the whole week that you can think about yourselves, so enjoy it!" So glad to come from a ward where almost everyone gets there early!

We also had our MTC for members activity this week and it was honestly really spiritual. We talked about some ways that we can share the gospel, but the main theme was forgiveness. When the ward mission leader suggested that I was pretty confused, but then I got it. How can we build up a ward if the members don't get along? Someone new will come and they will feel the contention right away. We watched a video from Elder Holland that I don't know what its called in English but it talks about just letting other people repent, don't dig up the past. And then we showed the way we are going to work with them! We have been working with the members so much that honestly we don't have too many investigators, but these last two weeks, the result has been that the way we find new investigators is by contacting them in sacrament meeting because their friends are bringing them! One sister brought a friend and she is also gonna take her to the visitors centre in the temple this Saturday! I like the way we are working and I think we will start to see a lot of success now. Love the things I am learning on the mission every day. Love my Saviour Jesus Christ, and I know that we really can talk to our heavenly Father in prayer. I hope everyone is happy and free of stress at home! See you next week! 

Elder Lethaby

P.S. Got to work in Teotlaltzingo for the first time since I left the area and a brother that we started teaching in my last week there is gonna get baptised and I got to teach him again! 

Questions Answered:

Did you make it to the pyramids?No the youth and YSA of the ward had the day off so we all went to play soccer instead but next week!

How are your eyes doing? Still 20/20?I think so! haha

Do you wear sunglasses?Never

Did Cinco di Mayo (probably butchered that!) go away pretty quietly, or was a it a big deal?Hahaha honestly didnt even realise that was a thing. We went to Puebla for a meeting that day and that's literally where all of cinco de mayo started and we didn't see of hear a thing.

Who are you teaching right now, and what’s the best thing about one of them?We are teaching one man named O that is the brother of a member in the ward and he used to have SUPER heavy drug problems but then he went to rehab and now he isn't using drugs (still smoking) but he wants to change a lot. He can't control his body very well because of the effect of the drugs and so he is like really really shaky to the point that others have to feed him. Despite all of that though, with all the health problems, he made it to church for the first time and today we are gonna invite him to be baptised! Lots of problems but he is showing a desire to change.

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