His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Wowsers! Elder Barfuss is in our zona hahaha so we decided to go to their district meeting this week so I could see him hahha and my companion did a practice with him and was pretty surprised by how well he's doing with the language. We gossiped a bit too :) I think we are gonna invite them to go see some pyramids this Monday too! Good guys, him and his trainer are twins haha. 

Gained the trust of the members a lot I think because we decided to go visit ALL of them and work with ALL of them and today we are going to 2 FHE's (Family Home Evening).
The singing in lessons is going good, brings the spirit a lot and then they remember who else needs to hear the gospel. Mmmm ya that's about all I got time for haha so sorry, will write more next week. 

Highlights of the week cuz not much time:

Taught a lesson in a tree, kinda fun I guess, but didn't go to church :(

F got baptised :))))

Love ya
All good here. 
Elder Lethaby 

Questions Answered:

How’s the new companionship working out?
Just great! He's got a lot of experience and good ideas of things we can change and improve here but also is very humble and open to my ideas and I feel more confident about everything now. I am still the junior companion but I feel like we are very 50 50 in everything :)

Do you want help with ideas for doing a Family History Fair?

Will you be able to Skype on the 14th (Sunday), or will it be on your regular p-day?
No the 14th is our plan

Favourite scripture this week…most meaning or “aha” moment?
In Alma 10 where it talks about the way Alma as a missionary was working with the members (Amulek), and we are going to share it in a bit in a FHE. Should read it and think about how you can help!

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