His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Thursday, 6 July 2017

A Very Weird Experience

June 26th, 2017
This week was very weird because we had intercambios 2 times, interviews with President Nelson, I went to 2 district meetings, and worked with my companion only 2 days in the whole week. Good stuff though. On Tuesday I went to the mountains (Tlachichuca) with Elder S (my son) and got to work with him. He has a lot more confidence than he did before which is great to see, he teaches exactly how I taught when I was with him and he told me I changed a lot hahaha. I think what changed is that I love the people now. I thought I did before but I also thought about how they were going to help me, not how I was gonna help them. Probs the prettiest area in the mission, but very far away. 
On Thursday I got to work with Elder N again. He has also changed but not that much. We got really wet but also had a super spiritual experience with a sister whose son got home early from his mission for health problems one day before. We talked about the atonement, and testified that HF is very happy with her and her son. Honestly have missed those two lots! 
Getting along great with companion even though we still don't have pics together. He's a lot like Ben Palmer, like he has glasses and tells the same kind of jokes that I have to think about a lot. 

I know that Jesus Christ is my Saviour! 
Love the mission. 
Elder Lethaby

Prettiest Area

July 3, 2017
Hey this week was good!  Very weird experience:
The couple we found 4 weeks ago that want to get sealed got back from their trip but the bf was supposed to be like with the marines for 4 months so when he showed up we were very surprised. The story is that something happened with his mind and he forgot the last 7 years of his life. He didn't remember us, his girlfriend, his son, his tattoos, everything that happened in the last 7 years. Super weird but also can't remember why he stopped going to church which is good haha. He is pretty depressed though because of that. So we were teaching them yesterday and we were focusing more on the gf at first but I realised he wasn't ok, and we changed the topic completely and focused on him. He opened up a ton and shared with us all of his feelings. I felt a very specific prompting to be kinda bold and tell him he had to stop focusing on himself and serve others. It was cool because I think that has been the greatest change in me in my mission up to this point, so I could really testify of it. The spirit was so strong, they trust us more now, and the gf accepted to be baptised! Just gotta love them! AND he wants to prepare himself to baptise her! 

A bit more time in our area this week, lots of miracles in the zone with areas that had had a lot of struggles, that finally got people to church! 

Trying to do things differently a lot here, and the bishop recognised it in his talk at church this week about how the missionaries have started to change things, and they need to follow! Great ward though, we are going to have lots of baptisms I think!

Love the Lord, love you guys!
Elder Lethaby

Finally got a picture of his companion...just not together!
And Elder Lethaby's carnivore instincts are being satisfied...obviously!!


If a good area means giving away 6 ties…does that mean you could use a few more?
I could always use more ties :) 

How rainy has it been? Up to your ankles rain like Elder Stones has mentioned?
Some days yes. I got to work with Elder Navas again this week and the street was flooded probably like 8 inches .

Have you had tres leche? One of the elders here was asking.
Like the cake? Ya that's like the only cake there is, but I'm not a fan honestly.

When have you felt loved this week?
When our family that's gonna get baptised told us we are part of their family and invited us to go eat breakfast with them today for our pday. 

How do you do laundry in this new area?
WE HAVE A WASHING MACHINE IN OUR HOUSE! It's a pretty cheap one but it works.

Have you been close to the volcano yet in any of your areas or exchanges?
Yup in my first area!

How do your shoes hold up in the rain?
Pretty good still, the brown ones are holding up

Still have your umbrella? Shane went through a few.
No I'm now on number 2

Did you celebrate Canada day in a small way?
Used my Canada day tie (even though a bird pooed on it) and called Elder Barfuss and he invited me to eat poutine but I couldn't go.

English classes? Or harder to organise than you thought? You will need the help of the members, as one on one is important when learning to converse, so you break out into smaller groups and work with the students. I’ve had spiritual experiences in class when we bear testimony of family, or freedom, etc. One student said she felt goosebumps when we talked.
They're going good, this week the bishop talked about how we have to work differently as a ward and used that as an example, so hoping more go this week. 

Best moment of the week?
Stay tuned for big email. 

Best advise from your mission pres?
Mmmm use bug spray and drink water. Wise man, also used to be a doc.

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