His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Monday, 10 July 2017

Shout out to Sam Turner x 2 and Latino Jesus Picture

Hi Mom! :)
This week was good! We had the stake presidency come yesterday and they called a new bishop which I was kinda sad about because our bishop was a lot of fun, but it sounds like the members are all very happy. The new bishop is Bishop B who was the bishop 18 years ago for 8 years, and they called him again! The old bishop will be able to sit with his family for the first time now, because he has been in bishoprics since he got married! The new Bishop is very strict and he means business which is good news as missionaries!
ALSO turns out Sam Turner served in this ward (Amalucan), found his name in the area book after a less active member asked me if I knew him. Ask him if he remembers Zenif Sanchez! Pretty cool to think about that. The second time someone has asked me if I knew him in my mission. 
This week the girls of the R family are gonna get baptized! L (13) has been going to the youth conference dance rehearsals like 5 times every week and they are both excited! Mom is gonna go try to get married this week too, so she should be coming up quick. Dad is progressing slower because he's only home on Sundays, but he's supportive. We went to eat breakfast with them today, and I shared the maple syrup you sent mom! Big fans. Chocolate pancakes too! They are a very special family, who are following what the spirit has told them even with opposition from other family members. Mom has told us many times that she considers us part of her family :) Her 20 year old son passed away a year ago today, and she was so happy when we taught about the plan of salvation :) Good memories there. 

I loved what you wrote mom, that's very true that lots of times we are super cold in the church. Yesterday, in a meeting with the ward mission leaders of the stake, one brother talked about that, how the bishop, the missionaries, and the ward mission leader should always be at the door greeting everyone to set the example, but you can and should do it too! The whole ward should be like ushers haha.

Good week, still big fan of the mighty Amalucan ward. 
Love you guys lots, thanks for your prayers!
Elder Lethaby

Questions answered:

Do you need new music sent to you?
No we can download the music from the offices of the mission and my current companion was a secretary before so he has it all!

Thanks for the pics of your comp…but I thought you wanted one of you together!
I will try harder this week, camera is dead right now but, I will start don't worry!

Have you taken pictures of each of your apartments? Curious minds want to know!
This one still no, but the other two yes. 

Ever have water issues? Shower, drinking, rain?
No not really, just sometimes we run out of gas so we have to take cold showers. 

Do you ever use music when you teach? It can really bring the Spirit.
With Elder Navas we did a lot, Elder Andazola sings real good so we should get into it. We have been showing more videos though and last night the video brought tears to the whole family! Mountains to climb is the video ( https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2013-01-003-mountains-to-climb?lang=eng ) 

Any advise to give those missionaries that will be heading out in the next couple of months?
Advice: Invite friends to church with you, it's not hard at all when you're at home and you will wish you had done it later. 

my comp with the painting of Jesus with a claw hand, scary eyes, and a laser beam

“En memoria de nuestros llamamientos sagrados de servir a Jesucristo, y nuestras familias del pasado, presente y futuro, y las promesas proféticas a nuestros hermanos de esta tierra prometida.”
“Como líderes de la Misión Mexico Puebla Norte, hacemos convenio con nuestro Dios de que seremos ejemplos a todos nuestros hermanos y hermanas al obedecer con exactitud por las razones correctas, olvidándonos de nosotros mismos, y consagrando nuestra vida al Señor ahora y para siempre. Estamos comprometidos a aceptar lo que merezcamos cuando rindamos cuentas al Señor.”


"In memory of our sacred calls to serve Jesus Christ, and our families of the past, present and future, and the prophetic promises to our brethren of this promised land."
"As leaders of the Mexico Puebla Norte Mission, we make a covenant with our God that we will be examples to all our brothers and sisters by obeying accurately for the right reasons, forgetting ourselves, and consecrating our life to the Lord now and forever. We are committed to accepting what we deserve when we are accountable to the Lord. " 

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