His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Monday, 7 August 2017

When you Avoid the Super Catholic House

July 31, 2017

Hi Mom!
Another good week in the mission :) I'm gonna be quick because not a lot happened this week honestly. Went on exchanges twice this week, once in a part of the mission where I've never been, and the other in Amalucan! It feels really good to teach and work hard, there's a new sense of urgency when I do get to work now, because there's not a lot of time. When I think about it though, there really isnt a lot of time ever in the mission, we should always have that urgency! Less than a year left can you believe it?! 
Hey so this week even though our area isn't going too great right now, all of my past areas are going crazy! Teotlaltzingo has a family of 4 that are going to church every week and are gonna get baptised, in Totolac a man and his granddaughter that we found when I was with Elder N got baptised and the sons of Jose are really close too! In Amalucan I went on exchanges with Elder S, and M (the miracle investigator that wants to get baptised and married to her bf in the temple) finally got permission from her mom to be baptised and we went to see the family we baptised a few weeks ago and they are going great too! I love it because even though I am not there right now to be in the baptisms and teach the people, I know the the Lord is blessing the wards and families I have been able to serve. I know that even though I have felt frustrated in many moments of my mission, my work has never been in vain and will never be in vain. I think that is one of the best parts of this assignment that I now have, that I get to see and hear how my old companions, converts, and wards are doing.
We are preparing the zone conferences now and I am loving the opportunity to learn from President Nelson. He is called of God. His way to plan, give correction, teach, listen, and be an example are teaching me so much. Missions truly are run by revelation, not just by a manual or whatever would be the easiest way to do things. The Lords way! 

So grateful for the things I am learning here, I know the Lord is preparing me to be who I need to be. 

Love ya!
Elder Lethaby

August 7, 2017

Hi Mom!
Hey had a family history experience this week that you're gonna love!
Got to go to Totolac again and see a few converts, members and old investigator. One man Elder N and I started teaching was baptised last Saturday, and we ran into him while he was walking in the street. He said he was getting back from the grave yard where he had gone to look for information about his family so that he could take their names to the temple at the ward temple trip on the 26th. He was so excited about it! He had been waiting more than 14 years to be baptised. I realised that we really don't understand how blessed we are to be able to do it all 15 minutes away from home and find name with the click of a button. So cool! He is a carpenter and he was making a little lamp that's the shape of a house and he was going to write something like "as for me and my house we will serve the Lord" and put it in the front entrance so he could always remember who he is now. Honestly felt the spirit so strong just to see him and hear him talking about this. 
Other than that, the family that I think I told you about last week (FF) is going really well! We taught 3 more times this week, and they are super humble, the spirit is very strong in every lesson and we have members helping us out! Not a lot of time to work in our area, but I love it when we do!  

This week we have mostly been preparing for the zone conferences that is coming up tomorrow, and the leadership council that we had on Friday. Two new secretaries got here today that are now in their training, Elder V and Elder P. Elder V was the trainer of Elder P like 4 months ago and now they are companions again! Both are the only member of their families. Should be fun now with 6 here!  

Pic: Elder Pantoja and I a little while back, he went home last week and sent me that pic that was taken with the IPHONE 7!!!! Those things are crazy. 

Love being a missionary, I know that the Saviour is very aware of everything going on in our lives, and when we humble ourselves he can help us with whatever we need. I am grateful for the opportunity to improve every day in the mission. 

Love you all!
Elder Lethaby

Gonna go eat tacos now :)

Questions answered:

How many missionaries work in the office?
Just 4 including us two.

How many hours a week are you expected to still teach?
As many as we can, it's not really a set amount but we were able to get out a little bit more this week. 

Are you allowed to work out with Sister Nelson…she seems to be setting the pace!!
Hahah haven't asked but they live outside of the mission so I don't think I can go over there.

Favourite new fruit?
Mango always, but also another fruit called tuna (a cactus fruit? Prickly pear?) I think is pre good. Not sure how to say it in English

Do you have a group email you use for the boys? I hear the girls want in!
Yes but its kinda a boys only club :( they can make another one though if they want

Are you teaching anyone right now that we can pray for?
mmm we just found a family yesterday that is very humble and excited to listen, but it's only been one visit. Also another family that goes to church but they don't wanna get married so they can't get baptised, could pray to give them the desire to be married.

Funniest/weirdest story of the week….
I went to Amalucan on exchanges this week, and we went to teach a new investigator that they found that has a whole bunch of like super catholic stuff outside of their house and literally a sign that says if you're from another religion go away, and the same house Elder A and I had passed by a lot of times and like joked about knocking just to see what would happen, but we never did. Turns out they're golden investigators haha. 

Give us a spiritual moment you experienced this week.The one I talked about in the big email!

Best advice this week from President Nelson?He gave an example of how we should use our time in the mission. He drew a square on the white board and drew circles inside of different sizes but that covered most of the square. The circles represent the time we should be working with, visiting, and getting to know the members, the space in between represents the time when we should be working on our own, contacting, knocking doors, etc... Basically we should put all of our trust in the members, but when its not possible, fill in the gaps with our own forces. Always be doing something.

What is something your companion is really good at?He's really good at working out, being organised, like remembering everything that needs to get done, and helping me to improve.

What goals have you set for your spiritual self this week?
Accept what my companion, the Lord and everyone else want of me, not just what I think is the best.  

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