His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Saturday, 27 August 2016

MTC Life - hard work

First things first, PLEASE SEND MAIL THROUGH MTC CARE PACKAGE. Not too sure how to do it but if you google it I think it should be easy. Someone wrote Letter@mtcmexicocarepackage.com on the board so maybe try that. Same thing as dear elder but I need it real bad because one hour is not enough if I have to read them myself. Elder M is getting up to 7 letters through that a day and I have zero! 
The CCM is so crazy pretty, see pics; it is kept in such good shape like a temple. The contrast between the city and the CCM is unreal. An oasis amongst a huge, crazy city. Mexico city is pretty dirty but kinda in a pretty way, like people just do not care as much I think. Not thaaat poor though from what I've seen. 
So far I've been really tired but also I'm growing so much. I'm happy to say that I'm not thinking about home that much, just too busy. This is the first time having down time in like 11 days or whatever! I probably only think about home when I pray. At first my thoughts were like, dang I'm 2 days in and I still have like 6 weeks here, but the last few days my thoughts are more like dang I only have 4 and a half weeks left here, I gotta get going. Like really gotta work hard and not waste a second of it. 

I got called as district leader! That means I lead the meetings and assign people to do stuff and pick up mail and watch out for the district, make sure they're being obedient. For the most part they are, so we're good so far. 

Elder M
He is my companion and probably the smartest guy I know. He can pretty much tell you exactly where any scripture is and knows every single thing about the gospel. He also has a photographic memory I think, like he can just look at a vocab sheet and it sticks. I am doing pretty decent with the language too, like in the middle of the pack which is awesome because I can teach others and learn from others. Elder M and I get along pretty well though, he's going to Salt Lake West, is that where Ben is? Great guy. 

The rest of our district is pretty awesome too, our roomates are Elder A who knows the Comins and is from Texas and his comp Elder P. Elder P got here a day late because his flight got delayed, and then after 3 days being here he got really sick and went to the hospital for 3 days so some elders went on splits with him and stayed there for a bit but it's sick cuz then you get crispy creme. Sry abotu spelling, Im in a rush. He's doing better now and is so funny! He reminds me of Elder Fekete in a lot of ways, so many hidden tallents in such a cute little guy! He's going to Nashville from cali. Elder A is awesome too! He's from Texas going to my mission and he's just an all round good guy. Elder R is another elder in our district who's going up around the border in Mexico and reminds me of Elder Hill. Big all american guy that loves to make fun of Canada and has the worst spanish accent. The best quote from him is "What ya got there on your flag, a syrup?" It's all light hearted though hahaha great guys but no time to tell about them all.

The CCM is hard work Im not gonna lie. I'm dealing with it better than most I think but still I fall asleep in class at some point most days and I'm not alone in that. It's nonstop and kinda stressful but in a way that makes you grow so much. Because it's so hard adjusting in here we give a lot of blessings. I have given 3 myself and been a part of 6. Health, home sick, language and other reasons. Through this the main thing I am learing is humility. I read in Mosiah 3: 18 to 19 the other day about how we all need to become as children, humble, full of love, and patient. Those are the main things I've learned here so far. Not knowing the language humbles you. I am learning to love people so much because if you make a strong effort to love others through specific actions, you will have the spirit when you teach. We taught 6 lessons this week to our fake investigator Alexander and we got him a fake baptismal date! October 1. Read Alma 26 more to get a feel for the humility I'm getting into. 

We have an awesome district. I love it here. "Turn your heart from the things back home, but not your love." I am 100 percent here. I am trying my best and working harder than I ever have. I am also laughing and making really, really good friends. I love the missionaries, I love my family and friends back home but mostly I love the Lord and the perfect understanding he has of everything we are all going though. There is nothing more powerful than singing "Con Valor Marchemos" with hundreds of missionaries around. I love it!

Nuestro Padre Celestial nos ama mucho! 
Elder Lethaby 

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