His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Friday, 2 September 2016

He broke out twice!

What a week, broke out TWICE! The first one is a pretty funny story. Elder M can not stay awake to save his life, like over an hour a day spent sleeping in class despite me pouring water in his ears when he does so. SO Hermana A, our teacher said he should get checked in the infermeria so we went there and the doc couldn't find anything wrong with him. So he said come back tomorrow at 7 30 with some tests and well figure it out. So he had to pee (amongst other things) in a cup, highlite of the week! (you can choose whether or not to include that). But when we came back in the morning, they said we had to go to the hospital, which I think was lost in translation. So we went for like 5 hours, but it was awesome because we got to go to crispy cream and go to the mall because the bus driver was feeling it, and got to see a bit of the city which is crazy traffic, stop signs exist but nobody notices them I guess. Anyway I, think he's doing a bit better now,  but it was exciting!

 First trip out....

On the way to the temple...

Which brings me to the next point, the temple today! Its much much bigger than Calgary which makes sense, but ya it's super pretty and amazing! They don't let you go without a translater because they doubt our abilities but I was glad I had it. Very cool to be there with all the other missionaries though, especially when you hear them pray for the missionaries and think about how everyone around the world is praying for you every single day! I think I said that last week but seriously love being on the other side of those prayers.

"Loved seeing those words on the temple in Spanish" (Holiness to the Lord: The House of the Lord."

The most spiritual experience I had this week I think was when we sang EFY medley in spanish as a choir! Same as my farewell but even more meaningful and more than half of the mtc is in the choir so it's very loud and powerful! I love it so much! I saw Elder Low walk in for the first time right before we sang and I just got chills from how excited I was for him to be here and start this work with me! So many people were brought to tears by it. 
This week has been all about showing faith for me. Like just constantly looking for ways to show faith whether it's going to choir, fasting, asking for or giving blessings, praying nonstop, and setting goals. Goals are so important. As I've started following specific ones I've seen a lot of progress. I've been trying to memorize a scripture every day and have done so mostly since then. Spiritual experiences are coming way more often as I humble myself and give thanks for everything. One quote from this week that isn't exact but hit me hard was something like, If you have the spirit, your language skills do not matter at all as long as you can still show them your pure love and service, they are just as likely to listen to you and be converted. Gives me lots of hope :)

I also met this Elder from Calgary that knows Tyler Steele and Morgan Hodder and Danni Carter and he said he did sealings with you (mum) in the temple a few months ago, can't remember the name right now but cool guy (Elder Muirhead). We played his district in soccer the other day. We won. The Velazquezs will be happy to hear I have started playing almost every day, and I think I'll buy shoes for it in the field. I'm not as bad as I thought either!

Another experience this week was with an elder in our district who said he was thinking about going home! He has a huge testimony and always is funny and seems happy but the language is just destroying him. Like he is sooo far behind even though he tries. Just feeling so discouraged that he doesnt know if he can handle it, so he said he's leaving on Wednesday if things don't turn around. I am praying and fasting for him so hard today for him. Last night he asked me for a blessing and that was actually the most spiritual experience of the week, I lied before. It was incredible to feel how much God loves him and as I gave it I felt of the people on the other side of the veil praying for him and hoping for the best. There are so many people in his mission just waiting for him specifically to come to them. We ended the blessing with the whole room in tears and it was so awesome. That is one thing I'm learning, just how to love people. 

My prayers are about 4 times as long now as they used to be and almost entirely in Spanish. I pray for so many people back home by name every night. There's been a bit of disobedience in our district which stresses me out because it's my job to help them with that but then other times we just have such spiritual times together like today in the Celestial room of the Temple. It is so awesome here and I can't believe I'm almost half way through! 

Dios nos ama,
Elder Lethaby 

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