His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Dogs and Sacrament

This week was really hard and funny and good. We had more investigators in church and more progressing investigators than I have had in my whole mission but only taught 19 lessons (half what we normally teach) because we had to go search a bunch of referals from the internet that don't exist. The family with the 45 year old woman is pretty funny, the son (golden) went to seminary every day this week and 2 days the teacher and other students didn't go but he still went and waited outside 20 minutes until deciding to leave. They brought their dog to sacrement meeting and it kept coming back in the building and my companion was trying to carry it out and it peed on him. Yes a dog peed on my companion in sacrament meeting! Good stories.

This week the stake president gave us the chance to train the whole ward in the 3rd hour of how they can improve in their missionary efforts. We showed the video La Expiacion y la Obra Misional which I think in English is The Atonement and Missionary Work, watch it and you'll get hyped. After we got like 12 referals from the members and we have FHEs with members every Monday for the next 2 months where they're gonna invite families to hear us! 


My district had a pretty hard week though, Linda Vista 2 had a baptism and they went for the investigator in the morning and she said she changed her mind and doesn't want anything to do with the church and the next day I went to do their other baptismal interview and the guy didn't show up   :((((. Satan is working hard in district 3. 
When all is said and done though I feel good with this week. We are starting to teach a lot more with the spirit, the patriarch goes to lessons with us like twice a week and helps a lot with that. I think were gonna drop J and M because they have had an excuse to not go to church every week for more than a month and they still aren't married :(. 

Ya I want to get back into exercise but it's cold in the morning now so I just do pushups and situps in the house. I have been here long enough that some members have noticed me getting fat. My companion is a good guy, he's beside me writing in 100% cap locks right now - not sure why. I'm starting to get some real good stories under my belt, some of which I will explain in more detail when I get home.

Sunny days here in Teotlaltzingo :) 

Questions answered:

Have things settled down since the gas price protestors were out?
Yes :)

Were the Canada mitts a bit overkill for your winter?!
Yes :) I havent used them yet but one day I will and Im excited for that day

Did you mail the tie? Copy the address from the email…I’m sure the post office can help you.
No but I have it with me all ready to go right after this

Any special message you want me to put on your blog? Missionary words or council?
Watch the video "The Atonement and Missionary Work" (I think its called that in English) and after ask yourself "¿What have I given?"

Are your new converts being fellowshipped by the ward? Being invited to homes, or to go to church together? FHE?New convert not new converts :( but ya a bit, we brought him to an FHE last week and he goes to church an hour early to help clean or picks up our blind investigator.

Do the members get “persecuted” or teased by others?Depends on the town, some not at all, some we arent allowed to enter because their catholic extremests and will physically remove you from their town if you arent catholic, all in the same area. 

Do you want Object Lesson ideas? Tell me what lessons and I’ll think of some for you.
Ya that would be good, Repentance and Obediance. 

Favourite experience of the week?
When the dog peed on Elder Salinas

Favourite person of the week?
Brother C. Does everything it takes to get to church even with oposition from his mom sometimes. 

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