His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Satan hates baptism so much....

Ya haha it's hard to get people baptized, even in Mexico, there's a lot of people who want to but something always comes up at the last minute to stop it - Satan hates baptism so much. R passed his baptismal interview though yesterday so he might get baptized this week but now his moms saying they might go out of town so we will see. She has gone from wanting to be baptized herself, not wanting anything to do with the church, to giving her son permision to be baptized all in one week. This has been hard haha because he is so golden and I'm pretty sure will serve a mission if his health and parents let him. But if his parents say no we can't do much, but for now they are saying yes. Also J and M are thinking they're gonna split up now which is really sad but also kinda good so they will be living the law of chastity. We stopped by this week and J says he still wants to be baptized so if he moves out like he says he's going to, we might see another baptism! Thanks for praying for them. 

The changes in the mission rules are crazy! Super happy that the Lord trusts us to use His time in the best way possible, I think we will see a lot more success with these changes. Also with the key indicators it will help a lot. Our mission had 13 before and now we will only focus in baptism and confirmation, baptismal dates, new investigators and investigators in sacrement meeting. That really is all that matters, the rest of the numbers just show how we are getting people to that point but the Lord also trusts us to know how we can best find them, get them to church, and get them to make this promise with God of Baptism. The broadcast when they announced all of this was awesome, I loved how they talk about strengthening the church, not just numbers. I feel excited to start this change with that in mind, teach people not lessons. 
We had a good week overall with some more good stories that you can all wait to hear - sorry. 

Elder Lethaby

Questions answered:

So what will you do differently in your daily schedule with the new change in “hours”? Agency will be a big part in this!!President still hasn't announced everything but we will study less and teach more! Plan in the morning, sleep more (probably not really because district leaders don't sleep), and have'more pday. 

Have you ever done any magic tricks for the kids? Your companions?
Never but I should probably get into it

How are you at budgeting? Getting better?
We are honestly really bad, we just spend it and it has always worked out kinda. 

Where does most of your money go towards? Would it go further if you ate less fast food? I saw the subway pic!!
Hahaha ya subway was dumb, we could buy twice as much food for half the price in another place but I wanted him to try it but he didn't even like it. That was a day when a member gave us money to buy food because her husband wasn't home.

Best thing you heard from the World Wide Missionary Broadcast that you have applied to your labours….Someone said that you know you are teaching by the spirit when you learn from your own words, I learned from my own words this week which was pretty cool, like sometimes you don't plan on testifying of something because you don't have that strong of a testimony of that thing and then you open your mouth and the spirit gives you a testimoiny of that thing. 

2nd best thing!
The environment of the teaching situation starts being created at 6:30 am

Favourite learning from the scriptures this week?
Alma 26 It will be given!


Favourite new thing you love about your companion?
Loves to make "Hot cáke" and loves to burn them every single time hahah

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