His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Monday, 2 January 2017

Feliz año nuevo!! And a message to the youth!

Hi everyone :) 
Got the packages this week mom! The socks are super comfy and I aprreciate the treats and the tie is really, really nice, one of my favourites, wore it twice already. Christmas at home is so awesome but I liked it here too.

Mmm as you can imagine lots and lots of fireworks here, and the people are really into having huge bon fires on their front lawn like 5 feet from the front door which was funny. My companion doesn't get why it's funny but it is. 

This week my companion got pretty sick with a sore throut to the point where he couldn't talk which was kinda lonely and also kinda hard to have unity in the teaching because I did 100% of it. I honestly learn so much as a trainer because I can't trust that my companion knows everything like I did before. For that reason I have really been praying harder this week, putting more trust in the Lord and he has helped us. 
We are going to the registry with J and M today so they can finally get married and then were gonna baptize them. They got back from vacacions with rings and I was so hyped because it's actually gonna happen now I think. We have lots of meetings right now but I like it a lot because I understand what they are talking about now so I learn a lot. 

We found a mom and her two kids this week who all want to be baptized through an 11 year old boy in the ward, so tell all the niños in the ward to get going. They have to talk with the dad though because he works far away and she doesn't wanna bring it up over the phone because his family is SUPER catholic and she's nervous he won't be ok with it because it might be hard on his family so we are fasting and praying really hard for them because they are awesome. The 11 year old son was reading the BoM and taking notes and the mom was asking about the difference between the Aaronic and Melcez. Priesthood in the second lesson. They get it, and we have really spiritual lessons with them. Pray for them!

Pretty good week, working hard, animados!
Much love :))
Elder Lethaby

Note from mum:
The following are photos sent from a family feeding the missionaries! How grateful I am!!!

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