His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Friday, 30 December 2016

First Christmas in Mexico

This week was crazy because we were barely in our area with the conference, my districts baptisms (I got to perform the ordinance at one pre cool), and just stuff, but we still got some new investis going :) Christmas here is awesome because everyone is fam time lovin. We got invited to eat with members and investig8rs and every single person, some better than others. Christmas eve we had tacos. 

Super super busy still, but it's teaching me to pray harder so that I can find time to do everything. When you have to not only know, but teach someone else how to do something like this, you start learning a lot really quick. Talking to the fam helped me see my own progress and feel better haha. So many powerful examples of other missionaries in this mission and our ward. 

GETS ME SO HYPED to see the boys all leaving. Can't wait to hear about what happens. 

Questions answered:

Saw a few pics of the Christmas party in Puebla…and even found you in a couple. Why were they wrestling on the floor (in their white shirts no less!!)?
Didn't see them wrestling but the Christmas party was surprisingly rowdy

Did you get any presents?
Got a scarf and socks and candy, forgot the scarf in the convi on the way home :(

Have you gained weight? I think maybe the angle of the tablet made things look a bit distorted!! Should I ask, “Do you want to gain weight?”!!! Haha!
I think I have, and I want to but not the kind I'm gaining - haha

Did you go to church on Christmas?
Yee just an hour but we went and so did some new investigators for the first time :)

Ham for dinner tonight…what are you having?
We don't eat with members on pday so we bought dominos pizza just now, last night some weird fish with J family

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