His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Monday, 24 April 2017

Dead dogs but kinda pretty?

We had changes today! I'm still here in Totolac but now with Elder P from Monterrey, the second one from there! He is another very good missionary haha. He has 19 months in the mission and is super humble and obedient and diligent from what I have heard. Super excited to be here with him! I don't know why I have been so blessed with good companions, but this time I think it's because we have a lot of work to do in the zone. The 3 district leaders here all have less than 6 months and are all Americans that don't speak much Spanish and 2 of them are district leader for the first time haha so we had a lot of questions from them today. Also like 15 of the 22 missionaries in the zone are arriving today, 4 areas opening their area. I know a lot of people won't get what that all means but just trust that it's crazy. 

This week was hard but we also learned a lot. We had to travel a ton (6 hours one day) so we weren't in our area much but we started our project that we are going to do with our new ward mission leader. He just got back from his mission so its kinda like having another companion. We are going to visit EVERY member of the ward and teach a lesson with 1 Nephi 8 that we prepared that includes praying on our knees and singing hymns and really, really invite the spirit. Then we are going to invite them to think about the blessings they have received through the gospel in their lives using this story and invite them to a missionary activity that is gonna be like an MTC for members (CCMM). It will cost us a bit of work and we might not see the results right away but we are confident that it will work and we basically plan to assign members as district leadesr that we will call every night and they will work to complete goals of how many friends they will invite to church in their "District". There are people who haven't found the truth just because they don't know where to find it, and others who haven't shared the truth just because they don't know how. So we're gonna teach them! I sent a bit of this plan to Bro Velazquez so I hope they can do something similar in our ward. The members have to help and I know they are willing in the Tuscany Ward, we just have to learn how.

I have been very tired but I feel the spirit pushing me on. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he love us so much! This is His work and if we don't embark in it, we are missing out on so many blessings. Help the missionaries, trust in them, pray for references to give them. That is how we have been able to have success here, and I know we will have more soon! 

Love you so much!
Elder Lethaby

Questions Answered:

So, did you get your box of treats? Take a picture so I can get a deal!
still no :(

How’s the rain…still wet? Does that mean your area actually has a spring, with trees blooming and flowers coming up?
No isn't raining much and its pretty brown with dead dogs a lot but its also kinda pretty 

If you had to make a list of qualities you want to improve on, what would they be?
Being friendly, being less serious, being more humble, studying better, and seeing people like God sees them.

Have you listened to the conference talks and then taken action on anything? What?
The talk that you sent me a quote I think about acting on the first impression, gotta do it or God won't trust you 

Who have you observed exhibiting kindness this week? What was it? What did you learn?
A sister woke up at 6:30 to cut our hair this morning because we had to go to Puebla for the changes and Elder N had really long hair hahaha

Where are you reading in the Book of Mormon right now?
I am reading in Alma 45 or something around there. Bien power 

Who is your favourite person right now and why?
Well Jesus Christ but that is always so I will give you a more temporary answer. Elder N! Because he honestly taught me so much about why we do this work. I understood before that we had to do it and that we had to work hard, but he taught me to do it for the right reasons and that is something that I really needed that will change my life. 

Did you get special Easter dinners…new traditional foods?
*Semana Santa dinners* because Easter isn't really a thing here. But no not really honestly haha the food was the same. 

Have you had Mole yet?
Yes we eat mole a lot!

Elder Barfuss got here today (cousin of Ben) :) Now I am not the only Canadian and he has a very good trainer. 

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