His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Pushing through, progressing, promises and the Philippines!

Super powerful friends I have. (after reading a few blurbs mom sent him last email from all his friends on missions)
Also I don't really know the Philippines very well but they're getting another temple so that will get some people hyped!

Honestly a pretty big turn around week, things are looking up! We found so many new investigators this week, a family that got baptised 12 years ago that lost contact with everything about the church because they moved to these blue houses in the far corner of our area but yeee pretty cool stuff. Lots of people accepting baptismal dates, now we just gotta work with the members so they can get to church. We trained in the zone conference about using the book of Mormon to teach with people's needs using the example of a doctor (Elder Navas) who gave pills for every part of the body BUT the part the patient actually needs. We do that a lot when we just teach the same lesson from the same pamphlet to every investigator. It turned out very powerful, and I almost cried from the spirit which was cool. Learned so much in the divisions with the assistants too, this Elder and my companion both have the gift of discernment and I didn't understand how important that it, because so often when we leave from the lesson, they will tell me something key about the person we were teaching and I will say "How do you know?" and they just say they can feel it, even with things like "He was sweating in the lesson because he has to pay his lawyer money this weekend or he's not going to be able to keep seeing his kids." Like things super specific that we later find out are true. When we know everything about these people, we love them and can teach them better, but lots of times they don't want to tell us things like that because its personal. We first have to listen with the intencion to understand and then listen to what the spirit will tell us. I have started to apply this and it is so cool. Loving Totolac.

I might not remember who said everything because I left my notes in the house, but what I learn overall is that we have to be humble. President Monson taught me that without saying it because he literally has more power and authority that any other person on the earth right now but he spoke so little and he spoke about things so simple like the book of Mormon and loving one another. That can be applied in the mission too because we shouldn't speak about deep doctrine or argue with them, we should teach doctrine that saves. I also learned a lot from Elder Bednar-  I think when he talked about how it doesn't matter where we serve (calling in the church, assignment in the mission, kind of mission that we are serving, companion, area, in the street, in the store, in the house, in our quorums, etc.) it just matters that we are serving. I had always heard that before, but hit me hard this time. I'm so sure these men are called of God. I heard in the zone conference that if we feel the need to repent after a talk or lesson or experience, it was a good one, and I feel the need to repent now so that's good!

That's it for now, I am so grateful to be serving the Lord in this area, I love him so much and am so grateful for the guide of his spirit in my life.
Elder Lethaby

Questions Answered:

Do you have rubber shoes you can wear in the rain?
No, might buy some soon. 

Have you asked yourself, “How am I doing?” And….?
That was a question I wrote in the conference, "Is the Lord happy with me right now?" And the answer I found was in another question, "Are you progressing?" I think this week I really did progress lots, focusing a lot on developing gifts of God right now and I think it's helping, gift of discernment is super real and powerful and my companion has it a lot. 

Do you keep your promises?
Good question, guessing it was inspired by the primary presidents talk? Honestly not like I should. Even if it's a small promise like "We will arrive at 4:00" and we arrive at 4:05, it's through these small promises that we learn to make bigger promises and covenants with God. 

Who is someone who inspired you this week?
We had splits with the assistants this week and Elder D inspired me a lot. We went to look for a contact from the day before and they gave a false address and I felt a bit bummed out because we had climbed a really long steep hill to find this woman, and I started walking to the next lesson kind of slowly, but this Elder started knocking doors before I even turned my head and the third door we found a father and his 3 kids who are going through some hard times and we taught a super spiritual lesson and they all accepted baptismal dates because he didn't let something like that get him down. Pretty cool. 

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