His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

A lot of water this week...in many ways.

Hi mom!
I guess you're so busy with your new name tag that you don't have time to write :( just kidding hahaha love you, super poderosa en the pic sis Velazquez sent! 
How goes the mish mom? Do you wear your tag everywhere? How's the health of the family? 

I didn't notice myself gaining much but the other day I saw a photo of myself when I got here and it's true haha, I was tiny. Most people guess I'm about 24 years old which is cool or they say like 16. Also love making people try to guess where I am from, normally they guess USA, then Russia, then another country in Europe and then they ask if I'm Mexican hahaha never know to guess Canada. 

This week was pretty good, our zone baptised the most people of all the zones in the mission for this month which is big news! This week we are gonna have a multi-zone conference too, so we have been preparing a lot for that, we are gonna teach about how to use the book of Mormon to resolve questions and doubts. I get pretty nervous right now haha because 2 of the 3 district leaders in the zone have 23 months in the mission and know their stuff haha so when we go on splits with them I feel like a 6 year old telling his big brother what to do haha. The weird part though is that I now have more time in the mission than like half the elders here because nobody came for like 7 months before me, just one elder and a lot of sisters. 
Idk (I don't know) honestly not much happened this week, kinda slow week because we were in other areas a lot, the elders in Teotlaltzingo are getting bikes now a month after I left :( They're doing good and changed their house a lot. 
Love being a missionary though, even in the days when its raining super hard (it started again this week) and you're cold and tired, I still feel so good knowing that I am on the Lord's service. I feel the Spirit every day and even though we don't always see huge changes or miracles, I know they are happening and I am growing and changing so much. I love my ward, companion, investigators and the Lord!

Love you
Elder Lethaby

Questions Answered:
You mentioned the theme of “ Why do you believe?" in the fireside you conducted last week. Why do you believe?
I believe because I have felt the spirit so many times, confirming me of the truth. We have an investigator who always talks about hidden scrolls they found with more of the bible and monks who are writing scripture and stuff that he believes in and he always analyze in so much detail every little thing, but what I learned from him is that you can read as much as you want and learn facts and information, but in the end it's all about the spirit :)

Favourite scripture this week?
We were reading in JSH yesterday with an investigator who wants to get baptised but him mom is gonna stop paying for his schooling if he does it, about how in verse 15 and 16 he was tempted to give up, that even a prophet had to face so many trials before receiving his answer and it was a super spiritual lesson. }

Favourite family this week?
The family of the brother we baptised last week, the 13 year old son went to work with us this week and now his daughter is listening and has a baptismal date and they're just super humble and it's a fam of just those 3 now but they are super real 

Did you see the pic of my badge?!
Yeeeeeee te entiendo :) 

Do you use (or have you used) any of that “medical” stuff we sent with you on your mission? (Note for other missionaries going out!)
One time pepto bismol and some Tylenol 

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