His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Friday, 30 September 2016

Almost done at the Mexican MTC (CCM) - pics

First things first, next week my pday is THURSDAY so if you want to send email do it before then. That's a sign that I'm almost out of here; I've been out a month now. 

Yesterday or today (I think kinda both) are independance day here and it is such a big deal. The whole CCM is decorated for it, like flags and stuff everywhere and the meals were very traditional this week. Turns out Horchata is really good if it's not at costa vida. Last night when we went to bed the fireworks were literal nonstop, just a constant stream for hours. Slept pretty good though still cuz always tired. The CCM presidency hooked up big time though for independance day though! They got this dance troup thing to come perform for us last night and it was awesome. They built this HUGE stage in the gym and we filled the rest and they had like spot lights and live meriachi and everything you could want. It was very loud and I almost felt like I shouldn't be there as a missionary but I guess that's the only way to truly show the Mexican ways! The Latinos were so hyped, like singing so loud and starting the wave and stuff. It was awesome. Weirdly enough I still felt the spirit during all the excitment though because I was learning about MY people through the traditional dances and costumes and stuff. I LOVE THEM!!! 
Today we got to go to the temple again which was nice, met a guy in there who was there for the first time and he's from Puebla and he's coming to the CCM on Tuesday. 

We heard from two more apostles this week, such a dang treat.

Elder Ballard
He was talking a lot about how we need to simply smile more, we need to RADIATE, and if we do that, we will have no trouble at all finding people to teach. That should be a very small part of our work. He was talking about how he wishes he could serve again as a young man and he said, "I would be absolute dynamite!" He was very funny, but also really inspired me to be more Christlike in my feelings I give off to others because the first impression you make on people can completely change their view of the church. 

Elder Cook
Miracles come when we can be trusted, but they also come only when they are needed. I have not had any crazy experiences with suddenly knowing the language or anything like that, but that is because my Heavenly Father knows that I will work hard enough to learn the language on my own. I do feel like I am taking the lead in most of our lessons now and it is very exciting. Elder M used to do almost all of the talking and now its really switched. Not that his Spanish or scripture knowledge is bad, I just think I am getting way more confidence now. After Elder Cooks devotional we were talking and I shared the idea that we are not the only people in the world trying to follow the Saviours comandment to feed his sheep, but the other people who are trying to feed his sheep are giving them people food, the food of man. They are trying to do something good, but we have the food (priesthood authority, and revelation and the B o M) that they really need. Thought that was pretty cool. 
Anyway, ya this week started off kinda rough cuz I think Elder Mayer was a bit cranky but the last few days have been great and Im just really happy and excited all the time. 

I keep having super awesome experiences with very visible answers to prayers and I know that God hears and loves every one of us. I feel closer to Jesus Christ than I ever have, and my understanding of His atonement is growing very quickly, I was able to teach that a lot this week. We teach about 4 lessons a day now but Hermana Aguirre (my teacher) said in my mission it will probably be about 10 a day and that some people in that mission baptize every week! So that is something to look forward to. 


Elder Lethaby 

P.S. Get more people like Velazquezs and caleb and stuff to write me please!

Visitor's Centre - Mexico City Temple

 Elder Lethaby's Home away from Home - Yellow dorms on the left

Someone's Companion loves Mexico!

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