His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Friday, 30 September 2016

He's in the mission field...for real! Complete with real Spanish!

I made it to the mission home! Waiting for my interview with president right now, he seems like a really good guy - like relaxed but real spiritual. His wife is nice too. The drive to Puebla was so pretty, like super green and saw the volcano and it's snowy which is awesome. So far all of the Elders I've talked to are really happy and positive. Can't talk much right now but my pday will be Monday so I will talk to you then. Sorry that I can't read any of your mail right now. HYPED though!

Hey so I met my trainer, Elder P from Monterrey, good guy. He's been a member for two years, one of which was on his mission and he's 26! Kinda crazy cuz like 8 year difference but he has been really helpful so far. He speaks a bit of English but I'think he'knows more than he's telling me. Our area is Teotlaltzingo Puebla area, there's a volcano near by which is cool. So far we took a bus to our casa where I talked to an Hermano D and we are gonna teach him and'his family on Sunday I think. Then we went to get groceries which was exciting, got brown bread for you mom. Our area isn't in the big city but there's still lots of people to talk to outside and the people seem very friendly. I'm excited to be here even though it is harder than expected to understand what people are saying. I think my vocab is pretty much only good for teaching lessons but I will learn. Our house is clean and we have hot water to shower with. It's in this cute little gated off community where like 3 year olds are walking around alone so I think we're safe here. Lots of dogs everywhere. 
I had some really good talks with President Nelson and other elders in our mission and I am pretty excited about it all. I could really feel the spirit when he taught and I feel like he knows exactly what he's doing here. My travel was all good except my alarm stops after 1 minute and I had to'get up at 4 so I didn't even notice it and we almost missed the bus this morn! I got ready and finished packing in 7 minutes. It's been a long day but I feel like my Spanish is already getting better quicker than it was in the mtc. 

I'm healthy, happy, safe, got a good trainer, what more could I ask for? I feel like I will have to rely on the Lord more than ever for these first few weeks because he's literally the only one who understands me right now for the most part - haha. Elder P said my Spanish is better than the other white guy he trained though. 
Hyped overall. 

Love you all,
Elder Lethaby

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