His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Friday, 30 September 2016

Sorry to all of Elder Lethaby's fanbase

Note from mum: As I manage this blog, and we had difficulty accessing google while away, the blog is a bit behind. Sorry! Prepare to be overloaded!! Also...his birthday is October 7...cards and letters would be appreciated!

Hi mom and everyone!
Today we broke the wall yet again and went to take care of some imigration stuff where they fingerprinted us and stuff. It was pretty cool because we went downtwown and it's actually super modern looking and clean down there. Very cool arcitecture. Very excited about all the family travels! And yes I really am falling in love with the culture here; it's so awesome how carefree they are and happy most people are kinda. Haven't been writing Scott but if you would send me via dear elder thing his weekly updates, and Ben's too, that would be great! Miss those guys. Hope Scott's not getting destroyed by the language too much. 
Yesterday we got to teach nonmembers kinda. There are these construction worker guys that are probably my age all over and our teacher told us to go teach them and try to get a referal, but turns out I still don't speak spanish :( getting there though, we had a solo español day earlier this week and nobody really did it except me, classic our district, but I lasted until around 3:00 without any English :) I think once I'm in the field I will start learning way faster so I really just wanna get out there. Pretty ready for that even though I don't speak the language too well yet. 

This week our devotional was a broadcast from Provo mtc of Elder Christofferson which was really, really good. The quote that stuck out the most was a David O McKay quote that said, "It is greater to be trusted than loved." At first I was super confused, like doesn't that go against everything our church teaches? But then he explained it - God loves every single person, but does not trust every single person. In fact he trusts very few people. So pretty much if He trusts you, you are killing it. I am trying so hard to be the missionary that he knows will never compromise the rules, who will never slack off and who will always be willing to, and humble enough to listen to the spirit and teach by its power. I know that as I strive to be trusted, I will be blessed with so many more oportunities to teach people because God knows I can handle it. Another quote, "You carry in your hands the kingdom of Heaven." So extreme! Love the guys and I think this week we get to hear from 2 more apostles! 

The Mexican independance day celebrations are already starting here even though it's not untill the 15th! On the weekends there is always mariachi concerts blasting from the mountain behind the ccm all night long which is really fun. We also fall asleep to the sounds of fireworks a lot (we tell ourselves it's fireworks). The food is sometimes amazing, sometimes awful but overall it gets the job done. 
I think Elder Muirhead (idk how to spell) sent a picture of him and I the other day; try to track down his mom for that, but that's the guy you met in the temple. Good guy but don't see him much. Also I seem to have misplaced my camera cord so no pics this weeks but I'm sure it will turn up soon. 
Oh also tell Shane I met an Elder Francis who was Spencer Miller''s mission companions brother and his brother was at the wedding too. Good guy also. 
I found some socks at the tienda here so I should be good without but if you sent some already thats even better! 

My challenge to everyone this week is to read Alma 26, really felt inspired by it this week. 

Elder Lethaby 

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