His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Kraft Dinner (and if you know Joel...you know what that means!)

We had exchanges with the zone leaders this week which was a treat because they're white and I got to speak English for a bit! We had a pretty good day, but the others guys back in our area killed it! They found 11 new investigator and the granddaughter and husband of M committed to not only baptism but also marriage so they could be bapttized! Hypd on that. They can help her get to church and read and stuff too because he has a car and good eyes. Good stuff. 
One thing that has been hard though is that every time we go to lunch the members keep us for so long because the food is never ready; please try to have food ready right away when they missionaries come for dinner, I feel pretty guilty of that. Like they should be in and out, including sharing a message in an hour at most. 
I really liked the Gabe Kane quote about how you can't get a testimony without TEST. SO true! 
I ate kraft dinner this week which I'm sure will stir things up over there, DEDICATION.
The other thing I'm really into here is the pan (bread). It's different though, there's all these little bakeries that sell such good fresh donuts, pasteries, and bread and it's like 15 cents Canadian I think so you can eat it for the week for like a buck. SO good though.

Don't really know what else to say but love you all!

Elder Lethaby

Questions answered:

How do you wash your clothes?
Funny you should ask, we normaly wash with a member neaby but today they didnt have electricity so we did it by hand which was exciting.

What meals do you cook?
Cereal mostly, members feed us a lot every day so its all good. Today we made BLTs though

Do you have any adventures?
Every time you get in a convi its an adventure, you squeeze in and stand but you have to duck and its exciting. Cant really think of any aventures at the moment.

Where do you use the computer to write home?
There are little internet places all over, have gone to a differet one every time

How are your shoes holding up?
Good, cleaned them today and they look almost new again

Any chance of iPads in your mission? Or would you be too big a target then?
hahahha no chance

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