His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Friday, 7 October 2016

NO TIME (or money!)

Happy Birthday today to Elder Lethaby!

Please write him...address on the right. Or email a short email to joel.lethaby@myledsmail.net
Elder Lethaby and mission president and wife.

Note from mum....he was really out of time...please excuse the typos, spelling and general disregard for grammar and punctuation!! Haha!!

So sorry but we ran out of money so we had to walk and now I have like 10 seconds to write because pday ends at 6 and its 5:55. We take convis everywhere (I hope i spelled that right), but ya these little hollowed out vans and its pretty cheap. Ugh I feel so bad because I want to write everyopne but ya hoping the answers were eenough to tide you over and I will write more next week. OveraL I understand why everyone says the mission is so hard. I am always falling asleep, never understand anything and feel very stressed. I want to help so much but I really feel useless. The thing that gets me through it though is 1. that it can only get better from here and 2. that the Saviour has felt this before. The food is really good, pretty much every meal is soup but like good soup. Members have fed us every day. One day the soup had this thing in it that looked like a donut but was meat and I have no idea what it was but I ate it and it was really chewy but like the hermana gave like all she could to make it for us so you gotta! Some houses are pretty nice, like ours is just fine but some are dirt floors. Overall though doing good, healthy, growing, being pushed more than ever but thats what its all about. Sorry to everyone I couldnt write, I will next week maybe! 

Love you all!
Elder Lethaby

Questions answered:

Did you get to watch conference? In what language?
Yes I watched 10 hours of conference in Spanish, couldnt even figure out subtitles haha but I understood most of it so its ok

How are you and your companion doing?
Elder P is the most hard working guy I know, he really wants to get stuff done which is good but sometimes makes me feel a bit bad about myself because Im trying but i dont think he understands how hard it is to go a week without knowing how to say what you want all the time. Overall though I am learning lots from him with language, habits and hard work. He also speaks better english than i do spanish I think so tyhats nice

Favourite person this week?
Theres this little boy in the ward named B who is so funny and cute and I cant understyand a word he says but I love him, he always stomps on my feet really hard and we see him most days because he lives near by and his dad is in the bishopric

Favourite moment this week?
We had a really good lesson yesterday with a newly baptized family and I understood almost all of it and taught like half the lesson which was awesome, probably tht.

Has your Spanish vocabulary doubled this week?!
Spanish vocab has not doubled because I have only had time to study language once so far because we have meeting like every day since elder p is the DL. But ya learning way faster than in the ccm because now I have no choice, he could speak english but he never does. 

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