His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Monday, 31 October 2016

A Lot of Busy-ness Without Getting Much Done and He "cooks"

Yeee lots of catholics here, they usually are so hard core they don't even listen, but the rest, there's actually a lot of people who were baptized at a proper age by immersion so we have to explain the importance of the priesthood a lot. But really if people have faith and a testimony they will just do it. 
This week was pretty weird and hard to work with because Tuesday we had exchanges, Wednesday Elder P had 3 interview pretty far away for baptisms, Thursday we had a zone conference with president in Tlaxcala which is like 2 hours away, Friday and Saturday there were baptisms in the district and we had to go because Elder P is DL, today and yesterday we had to scope out houses because were getting another companionship in the district next week so we gotta find somewhere for them to live. So we only taught like 20 lessons or something this week. We were feeling pretty bummed but then we decided to fast and immediately started finding more people to teach. 

This one guy J is soooo ready I can't handle it. Same guy who we commited to baptism, taught to pray, introduced the BoM and I answered his questions in 10 mins last week. We taught him like 4 times this week, yesterday when we went to pick him up for church he was just waiting at the door ready to go. We taight him Word of Wisdom last night cuz he drinks coffee and we were like do you think it will be hard to give up? And he's like nah I can drink water it's all good. We told him he can drink herbal tea and he was hyped. So happy about that guy. 

Funny language thing I learned this week is that spicy and itchy are the same word so I might come home scratching myself and saying it's spicy. Overal feeling the language improving, after a baptism I was waiting for Elder P in another interview and I just had like a normal conversation with a stranger in the hall for like an hour with very few problems. 
Overal good week, wish I had more missionary stuff to report but really was a weird week, not a bad one though just different. 
Love being a missionary :)
Elder Lethaby

Questions answered:

Ever get a chance to talk/teach about Family History?nahhh only like 3 families in the ward have computors so we dont do anything with fam hist

Do they “celebrate” Halloween where you are? Do you have to be home early like our missionaries?!oh yes they celebrate it like none other. We don't have to be in the house early or anything because its not just one night, it would be like a week at home if we did that. The kids trick or treat but they try to get money not candy (usually still get candy), and they have been doing it every night for like 4 days now, pretty funny, we're in lessons and they knock and ask for money. They go all out too, like everyone has crazy facepaint, keep forgetting my cam though and also might be creepy to take pics. They had this big day of the dead dance happening in the streets with the weirdest masks and stuff going on all week. Pretty sure its like as big as christmas here.

Did you bring the right coat with you? And is it getting cold? Hayden Low is in the mountains and FREEZING!It just started getting cold this week, in the mornings I run with a sweater now and usually during the day too, but still not too bad, probs like 10 degrees but I think it's suposed to get down to like minus 5 pretty soon. Gonna buy another sweater I think.

Can you take picture of the inside of your fridge? Just to compare to Scott's!! Haha!!I will next week, you will be quite impressed by our cereal collection I think. This morning I made French toast and E P had never had it and he wanted without syrup and then he made a ham and cheese sandwich out of it, kinda weird but could be good.

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