His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Using the Lord's time and dog fights!

Ok I will get into sunscreen! I don't know... maybe everyone is pink or it was lighting because I haven’t noticed that much . But ya I will! Also I'm sending pics to Austen the same way, not sure what's going on. Don’t have any new ones this week so sorry.

There is so much power in following the mission president. His big thing is "las botana" (snacks), which means super short lessons especially at the start. Short but powerful. Yesterday we were in a lesson for waayay too long, like over an hour and at the end they were like ya  we will probably come to church. Then we went right after to another guy and in 10 minutes we gave him a book of mormon, answered his questions about the pamphlet which he had read cover to cover and made notes, committed him to come to church, committed him to baptism, and taught him to pray and he said the closing prayer. The contrast between how well we had used the Lord's time in those two lessons really stood out to me. After I had a pretty clear impression that if we stop wasting time in hour long lessons, the Lord will lead us to more people who are ready like him. I think I will stop talking so much about baptisms until we actually start getting some though haha. Lots of people like listening and say they will do stuff but they never come to church. This week we were told we are the first missionaries to bring our own investigators to the ward in almost a year! Crazy.

Overall lots of learning this week, I think the two extremes of sad and happy that you feel on the mission are a testimony of how important this work is! We are very excited still and working hard. I feel myself starting to trust more in God and follow the spirit. I also started memorizing 20 words a day with those flash cards, a measurable goal, and even though I didn't quite do it, I think my language has improved the most this week of my whole mission. Feels good.
Dios nos ama,
Elder Lethaby

Questions answered:

Do you get kissed on the cheeks in greeting everywhere you go?
Nahhh, not really a thing here, I've seen it like twice but only girls.

Do people ask you about your family a lot?
Again not really hahaha, any time we have intercambios the other elders read that book you made me though.

Are you getting use to "personal space" being different?!
Hahaha ya the convi, it's like a 12 seater van hollowed out with up to 30 stranger crammed in there

Do you have any lessons you've learned...no matter how big or small?
Big lesson this week was always get as much info as possible, we went for lunch in this town that the convos don't go to so we had to walk like an hour. Found a lady on the way, taught her, she accepted a baptismal date in 10 minutes of teaching and she was hyped but we didn't get her phone number or home address, just work, so now we have to go back and hope she's there. And also always ask for land marks. Got lost so many times this week haha

What do you drink? What are you allowed (as we saw the coke cans with your names)? …and explain the filtered water bottles!
I drink water and juice and yogurt drink. The filter bottles president doesn't trust so we buy these big jugs that last about 2 weeks and drink from there. We are allowed everything you are pretty much, accept tap water. "red cola" is big here. 

Have you met any creatures? 
Ya this week we were teaching a lessson in the street and two dogs starting fighting in the middle of the circle. Like between us and the investigators. Didn't really bite us though. I don't know... sometimes little spiders and stuff but nothing crazy. Lots of horses too. But mostly just dogs. Like usually you can see about 7 at any given moment.

Describe a normal day…
Wake up, go for a run, eat, study for 4 hours, go contact in the street (we don't knock doors), eat at 2:00 with members every day, then the rest of the day we usualy have lessons, like 6 or so every day. Mostly close to home but some pretty far. Get home at 9, plan, SLEEP. 

Are you in a city area or a rural area right now?

Thanks for everything! I got the package from dear elder and from Oma this week and appreciate them so much! Elder P is a big fan of the maple cookies. 

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