His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

I Speak Spanish in My Sleep

This Elder Wolf guy sounds like a treat!
This week I really learned a lot; there so many things you can learn - wow. Lots of problems coming up with investigators that we thought were perfect, which can be hard because you really love them and know how awesome their lives can be if they can just let go of the past ugh. J is still gold though, got permission to baptize him in 4 sundays instead of 5. Honestly the last few weeks have been pretty discouraging but I am learning a lot about consistancy, patience and hard work. We are trying to change the way we contact, the way we teach, and everything because someone put it pretty simply at a conference, "If you want different results, do different work." Crazy that I already have 3 months in the mission, new missionaries arrived this week and I felt really good because I realized how much I have learned. Like I remember being in meetings and not understanding a thing but now I understand pretty much everything. It's so fun speaking Spanish. I love reading the Book of Mormon too. I always have read it but now I really look forward to it. I think reading it in another language makes you focus more so you learn more. We can go on splits now with youth and I'm just fine teaching without Elder Pérez. We went to Puebla for a meeting this week and we contacted the whole bus on the way there, "Lift up you voice with the sound of a trump" or something. Lots of people here say 'eh' too which is funny, even americans have picked up saying eh at the end of sentances. Idk what else to talk about so sorry.

Love being a missionary,
Elder Lethaby

Questions answered:
What have learned about yourself this week?
This week I learned that I really need to improve my teaching skills. Before I think I thought that if I work really hard success will just come but the quality of the lessons matters a lot. The questions you ask can make or break someones conversion.

Is snoring an issue in your apartment? Heard about one companionship where it was so bad, they got special permission from the President to have separate rooms! Haha!
No snoring, but turns out I talk a lot in my sleep, a few times Elder Pérez has woken up to me speaking Spanish in my sleep saying, "Hola Hermano, ¿como esta?" I practice contacting in my sleep and dream in Spanish. Last night I dreamt that we met President Monson as a family and he really wanted a selfie but I was bummed because the camera on our mission phone is awful. 

New favourite food?
We had some really good tacos with old investigators this week, idk still tacos I think. Really into mango tang too.

Temperature these days?
mmm some days like 25 some like 10, rained a lot this week which was rough, like a lot a lot. 

Are the Mexican’s revving up for Christmas? Lights and trees are going up here.
Not really yet actually, but we did get contacting cards with the christmas message on them "Ilumina el Mundo".

What kind of service have you witnessed this week?
We don't really have planned service projects but we are pretty good about helping people just carry bags of quick stuff like that. 

What’s your favourite thing to teach?
Str8 repentance. And first vision.

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