His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Try Smiling

Dang scotty looks like he is having a really good time! 

That's something I think I have forgotten, we were with a member last night and he hyped us up talking about how when we are having more fun, laughing and smiling more we are not only more happy but the work increases also. We have been so focused on working hard, teaching as many lessons as possible and so serious about it that I think we forgot to enjoy ourselves. We can work hard and have fun! We need to be more creative with contacts, smile more in lessons, and show the people that the gospel brings happiness, not just tell them about it. 

This week honestly was very hard again. We have to walk a lot and people don't have cell coverage in most parts so sometimes we arrive and nobody is there after walking half an hour. Our numbers were low, and we didn't use the time that well. LEARNING though. 

Last night though we had 4 baptismal interviews and we will see between 1 and 4 baptisms this week! J is for sure and the rest could be but 2 need to get married and one needs another interview with president. That was a highlite. We have exchanges with the zone leaders tomorrow so I really think we can learn a lot. One of them did the interview with the couple last night and when they finished they both had changed so much. I do not know what he said but I know that the spirit finally hit them where they needed it. I think he will be here working with me tomorrow so I am hyped! 

Ate lots of tacos and tamales this week, starting to get really into the culture, like every meal has to have salt and lime hahah. The stake president came to our ward (like a parish) on Sunday and got the ward hyped because if we get attendance of 120 they are gonna renovate and make a bigger chapel. We had 93 yesterday and when we arrived (in the area) it as in the 60's! 
This less active brother who had big big problems with drinking started coming again and we are working with him to prepare him to baptize his daughter in December! 

Hard week but lots to look forward to. I think this week everything will change. 
Love Elder Lethaby

Questions Answered:

Where's your favourite place to go so far in your mission?
favorite place? idk whereever the people will listen .

Where do you feel most at home?
mmm theres a young couple that I can understand pretty well, they always wanna help and we have the same watch so probs their house. Or the church

What part of Mexican culture has become a part of you?
Phrases like "Hijo de la tostada" or "que cosas no?" but also some of the food I am really into, normally eat like 10 tortillas every day. 

Who can we pray for this week?
Pray for J and M, they had a pretty big change of heart and were hoping they can get married this week. Last night they went from maybe we will get baptized to we wnt to get baptised this weekend so I hpe they can get in to get married.

What scripture did you find this week that was meaningful?
Ugh theres one in D&C but I forget where but it talks about how whenever we get a blessing it is the direct result of following a comandment. Helped some investigators 

"Keep Calm and Keep Knocking" - how I signed off on his email, and here's his reply!
Pretty sure it isnt legal to knock doors :( we dont do it, Elder Perez still hasnt given me a straight answer if it is or not but one time a security guard thought we were knocking and he yelled at us so idk

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