His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Friday, 11 November 2016

Day of the Dead and I don't like P-day!

Treats for Deceased

Path of Flowers for Day of the Dead

Yeeee another week where we were super busy, didn't teach many lessons but still kinda got lots done. 

We went on splits with some priests in the ward on tuesday and Elder Pérez and the priest he was with found this couple - M y M and they are hyped! Well more him than her but still. We taught them 3 times this week and the most recent one he said he feels like these things are filling a whole in his heart that he didn't know was there, almost a direct preach my gospel quote. We hadn't even taught him chastity yet and he was like I think I feel like I need more unity in my home so I wanna get married and his gf was in the room and they hadn't talked about that yet, I don't think. So it was funny but also like super powerful. They didn't make it to church because he couldn't change work but they wanna get tized! 
J is amazing too, we taught him about tithing at church and he was like ok I wanna start paying so he just gave all the money in his pocket and he's like ya I'll pay tithing. Some people are soooo prepared and it makes me feel the need to work hard to find them because I know there are more people waiting. 
Got Shane's letter and Oma's letter this week! Thanks to them a lot :)
Changing the district here a lot, closing one area and putting 2 companionships in another area so that's why we were busy with that stuff this week. We now have 4 hermanas and 2 elders in the district. Crzy!
Overall very hyped, don't really like pday because I just wanna work but we're still lavando por mano so that takes a lot of time. 
I can feel a very succesful week coming, we are gonna work with members ever day so that will help a lot. 

Elder Lethaby


Should we have sent rain boots?!
no it has rained like once a week lately so we all good.

Have you had Chiles en Nogada yet? or Cochinita Pivil?
no havent eaten those things but people talk about chiles en nogada a lot soIm hyped for when i do :)

With Elder P being DL…do you get to do any sightseeing at all on P-days? Pyramids? Old churches?
No pyramids, but we see lots and lots of cool churches, I will try to get pics this week.

Advice for David Henry: That's a different country , so i don't really know much about it, but with the language, study churchy words a lot like Expiacion, Capilla, Barrio and stuff this week. Anything helps so you dont get rekt too hard

Any bad food yet? Either that tasted bad, or was actually bad and made you sick?!
Mmm not really anything like super bad tasting other than mac and cheese. Mole last week made me a bit sick for like 3 hours but like didn't effect the work or anything so no not really

What kind of service did you offer this week?
Helped a lady carry some dirt :)

Who is someone you really admired this week?
This guy in the bishopric Hermano H, he really got hyped to help us and he's 23 and has a kid and wife and school and work but is still trying to find time to help us.

Pan (bread he buys every day for about 15 cents!)

Joel's Companion

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