His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Bit of a cold theme this week!

Hi everyone 
Well, its starting to get cold here,whipped out the heavy coat twice this week! There's frost on the cars in the morning and stuff too but the afternoon it's short sleeves again. Really pretty here when there's snow in mounts. 
We baptized 1.5 people this week! J and almost M, like really, really close. She was all dressed in white, and we put her in a chair and carried her into the font (was very scared I would slip), but when she got to the water, she started crying and like screaming! We put her in the water and tried to do it quick but she was so nervous and cold that she wouldn't do it ;-(. It was really hard but we are gonna try to figure something out so we can have a private baptism in another chapel where the hot water works (we were there from 8 in the morn 'til 5 trying to get hot water but it still wasn't very warm). Still have hope with her, and the ward wants to help pay for J and M to get married, so that's good. 

J though, so so special. I got to baptize him for my first time! He bought his white shirt and pants and brought like 10 fam members to watch cuz he was so hyped. Showed up an hour early. When he came out of the water he was just laughing and smiling and I realized in that moment that baptism is not just symbolic, he was literally fully clean and ready to start his life again. He has some stuff in his past, but now that does not matter at all. His wife isn't a member but was very happy for him and she came to church so maybe now we can start to teach her too! Honestly so happy to have had this chance to be lead by the spirit to find this man. He recieved the priesthood yesterday. 

J is the short, older man in the back.

We found lots of people to start teaching this week, some with a lot of potential. Things are looking up! 

Love you all!
Elder Lethaby

Questions Answered:

Has anyone Mexican commented on your Canadian flag on your bag? And what was it.
Oh ya forgot to tell you but President is ok with backpacks so I don't use that bag now, so no comments, but before some people got hyped. A lot of people here think Canada is in the states too so they get a bit confused. Lots of trump questions. 

How is your health? Thinking you should take a multivitamin…just being a mum here!
My health is 100% and I am taking multiitamins, president told us to because he's a doctor. Also we got shots this week at zone conference.

Are you collecting any recipes? You should!!
I will get on that because there’s some good stuff, getting more into making this one kind of eggs that I don’t know what they are called in English.

What was a highlight of your week?

What was a second highlight!!??
ALMOST BAPTIZIN (will give more details)

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