His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Wow the group is small! (mom here...Joel's....ahem...Elder Lethaby's response to the group of kids at church is getting smaller as many head off to school or missions!)

This week was crazy wowsers! Honestly my mind doesn't stop now, like I wake up in the middle of the night thinking of ways we can teach something, or members we can bring to a lesson or things like that. I don't have time to think about home or Christmas or anything and I LOVE IT! I am so much more busy now with responsibilities but also with progress in the area this week. We had some really good days to start off the mission of my hijo. \

I want to tell you about a miracle!

We were at the church on Saturday for a baptismal interview with the Zone Leaders and a lady and her daughter walk up and knock on the gate so we go greet them, she asks if we have a picture of Jesus, I told her no but we have pamphlets with him, can I show you the pamphlet and explain a bit about it? She was excited and accepted, then she asked for a "special prayer" because she has been sick for 4 years. My companion gave her a blessing, and we then taught her about the restoration of the authority by which we gave that blessing. After the lesson she told us that she was starting to feel better after 4 years of being sick! She then asked if we could go to her house and give her family special prayers too! So we went and taught her other son. The 3 of them accepted baptismal dates and live close to the church and want to come this week! They have 2 more family members who weren't there too! 
We are never at the church at 6:00 on Saturdays, but because we were being obedient, the Lord put us in the right place in the exact moment to find this family. I have seen their faces before. God lives. 

My companion is awesome; he is a convert of 3 years, and knows the scripture really well and applies them to people. He came pretrained. Glad president knew I needed a pretrained comp. He teaches me lots about hard work. He's funny hahaha. 
We got a little cactus with a star on top and we are getting all ready for Christmas, will send pix next week. 

Dios nos ama, mucho animo aquí,
Elder Lethaby

Questions answered:

What do you cook for yourselves? Anything? Do you have time?
No time, pure frosted flakes

History’s most powerful lessons weren’t taught in a classroom, but on a hillside, aboard a ship, and along the dusty roads of Palestine. Like Jesus, we can find important teaching moments anywhere. Where have some of your interesting teaching places been?
Mmm we have taught in the street with dogs fighting between us and the investigators!

Shane wants to know about your transfers and where you’re at.
I'm staying in Teotlaltzingo and I will be here total 6 months (or more), training Elder S.

How do they decorate for Christmas in Mexico?
Pretty much the same haha, but less real trees. There's red white and green all year though- the flag.

Do you have somewhere to go Christmas day? Will you be taken care of?
Hoping giving lots of lessons, but to skype there's 2 families who said we can come, so we will be with one of them I guess, but I like one a lot so probs them.

What new doctrine have you learned about this week?
hahah I guess the doctrine of time management haha it's really busy as DL and trainer especially when you don't speak the language 100%

What are your new responsibilities as a DL?
Baptismal interviews, nightly calls with every companionship and zone leaders, plan district meetings, teach district meeting, umm probably more but I'm learning.

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