His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

#LIGHTtheWORLD even in Puebla, Mexico

Ahh yes I was wondering how to say #iluminaelmundo in English haha. But ya we have been sharing that with members and less actives and even investigators like every day. Puro poder in that video. Dang lots of Christmas hyped going on here. Gotta get a picture of the hacienda (no idea how to say that in English) with all the lights. Our neighbours have singing lights so we listen to them all night. 

J blessed the sacrament this week with a white shirt and Samuel the lamanite tie that I gave him. Honestly so cool to find someone, teach them, and then see them perform an ordinance for me like that. He memorised the prayer. His grandson started listening this week too and wants to get baptised. Hoping I can stay here another change to see someone I baptised baptise someone else. Leaving would be cool though too, I like change. 

Last night we were watching the devotional (https://www.lds.org/broadcasts/archive/christmas-devotional/2016/12?lang=eng&cid=HP_SU_4-12-2016_dCN_fEVT_xLIDyL1-B_) and listening to a talk (forget by who oops) but he talked about how weird it would be if we all gathered around the tree on Christmas morning, looked at the presents and then left and continued with our day without opening or using them. That's what we do with spiritual gifts all the time! Yesterday we were also with this member who can't walk too well, lives alone in a very humble home, but has the strongest testimony and fights through the pain to take the convi to church every week. I have a hard time understanding him so I normally don't talk much, but yesterday when we were about to leave he told me to come to him. Then he said to me that I don't talk much, but when I do it's exactly what he needs to hear. He then gave me a kiss on the hand (don't think that's normal here either but in the moment it was really tender). I have this gift of being in tune with the spirit and receiving the guide of the spirit but I haven't opened the gift (opened my mouth to speak more). I don't have the language barrier to hide behind really anymore, so gotta go full commit and just talk a lot! I also learned that the secret to happiness in the mission is contacting, the only indicator that I can control and still leave people with their agency. 

Overall pretty good week, love living here. They are so into parties. Like this week one day they had a block party on every street with like 6 foot tall stages with bands playing, pretty unexpected in a little town but pretty cool. 

Dios nos ama :)
Yo les amo
Feliz Navidad  
Elder Lethaby

Questions Answered:

When are transfers?
Next monday the 12th! 

Did you get your box that E was mailing?
No not yet but could be in the offices who knows! I did however get a letter from the primary, a letter from Oma and the tie and sunnies from Elder Palmer! Still haven't read it all but much appreciated. 

Any traditions you’re going to miss this time of year? Chill!! You’re making new ones!!
snow hahaha. But no like they have lights up and stuff and we watched the broudcast last night and we don't have hot chocolate but we have atole which is better :)

Are you and the ‘boys’ writing each other? Even if just a line or two?
Some of them send me like the whole letter but I don't have time sry boys but ya like a few of them a line or two.

How goes the “get happy and smile on my mission”? Having more fun?!
getting more into it, we call that "animo" here :)

What acts of service have you observed this week?
Elder P is really into serving me which is nice, almost every day when I get out of the shower he has my shoes shined or my shirt ironed or something like that. Good guy. Also we have been doing some of the ideas in the thing on lds.org

What does the Saviour’s birth mean to you? (yes…a heavy one!)
Pure hope. Pretty cool to think that even from His birth we have such a perfect example.

Love ya

Who should I send the tie to next and can you get me their address plz!? I will send pics nex week. (Promises, promises!)

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