His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Monday, 20 March 2017

More tacos and a message for Bishop Harker

This week was pretty cool because we got to baptise again! Super grateful to be harvesting instead of planting for a change and for the great missionaries that were here before us who really changed peoples lives and with the permission from the first presidency we got to baptise him and the other elders and President Nelson came too! His name is Jose and he has honestly given me the vision of the kind of converts I want to have in my mission. He reads the Book of Mormon and understands it more than us! He and his 13 year old son live alone just the two of them and both received the priesthood this Sunday. So cool. Wish I had been able to be here sooner to see his progress. 
This week we are going to baptise again! A 9 year old boy named E! His family is less active but have now gone to church with him two weeks in a row, before he was going with his aunt. He's super excited and even though he's that young he really gets it. 
This week we both spoke in church, my companion spoke about real intent, and I spoke about humility, I used the example in Alma 18: 8-9 when Ammon is there and he's super powerful and the king asks where he is and they say oh ya he's over there feeding your horses. We should learn from that. We should pray like everything depends on Heavenly Father and then go to work like everything depends on us. If we do this, we will be able to have lots of success like Ammon, but then once we have success we should just go serve more humbly like he did in that story. Pretty awesome. We also had a fireside with the Stake president and mission president that they asked me to conduct which I was pretty nervous to do honestly haha because the fireside was themed "Porque creo" of "Why I believe" and all the missionaries from our zone and the other zone invited their investigators, so I really wanted them all to have a good experience. But it was honestly super powerful. The leaders of the church here are super awesome.
Great news about everyone getting married! Also super hyped for you mom with the work you are doing. This week we ate with a couple that recently got home from their mission and met with President Nelson and a couple that is going to enter this mission in the summer to answer their questions, so I have been thinking a lot about other missions I want to serve one day!
All is well here!
Elder Lethaby

Questions Answered:

Are you doing something about those bedbugs?!

Ya we put the mattress on the roof and sprayed it with bug killer and I was sleeping on air mattresses that deflated at 3 in the morning (slept a few hours on pure metal) for two nights but then we realised we have another mattress in the house so now I'm using that and I don't think its got too many bed bugs. 

Will you ever get sick of tacos?! You sure did eat a lot last week!
No, we ate them again today

My mission rules are a little different than yours. But I do have them. I cannot believe that my son the missionary asked his mom the missionary if she was being obedient! Of course I am. Are you!?
ya :) what rules do you have specifically? Just curious. 

Are all the hills like the one you showed us in that photo last week? That is crazy! Also like the little shaggy dog off to the right!
Yup! We climb hills like that all day every day haha and I think I'm getting stronger but also more tired as a result

What could you suggest to the members in Tuscany ward to help the missionaries here? Do we come right out and ask if they need any mending done? Do you think we could let them have family home evening in our home?!
Ya that's something we have been doing with the members, Family Home Evening where the investigators and a few other families are in the home of members, and it works really well. I think dad would be down. Invite more members though. And talk to the bishop about giving the missionaries an hour in church one day to train the ward, they have done that here and it works well

Is your primary (the children's organisation of the church) growing because of your missionary work? Just being funny!
yes hahah, I'm not being funny, it really is!!!

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