His life packed in 2 suitcases!

His life packed in 2 suitcases!

Monday, 6 March 2017

2 Missionaries in the Family and 4am Parades

February 27, 2017 (Just spreading the news when I missed so much while we were away. All caught up now.)
WOW HERMANA LETHABY! (I am now a Sister Lethaby serving in the World Wide Family History mission!)So cool mom proud of you! I did get a package this week btw! THANKS!
This area is so funny haha, we run from so many dogs! I feel super classic narry here. The hills are so steep and my legs are getting really strong. The members are super strong here too, la Hermana G just drove us (with a man present) like an hour so I could buy pants. There aren't that many investigators honestly but what we do have went to church and have baptismal dates. Tomorrow we are going to a baptismal interview with our blind investigator from Teotlaltzingo! Bother P. My companion is super, super powerful, we get along really, really well. He is like Caleb and Sam V mixed. Body of Caleb, sense of humour of Sam. We trained two zones this week on how to teach and present the Book of Mormon using only questions. When we do it like that they learn to search the scriptures with you there in the lesson and then after they will be able to do it on their own. SELF Sufficiency is what I'm into. Love the responsibility honestly, it motivates me. Someones once told me, the missionaries in your zone are never going to work harder than their leaders, or be more obedient than their leaders. I had the chance to go on splits with a new elder from Idaho this week who is struggling a lot with the language but he was hyped after and told me when I asked him what he learned today, "I learned that I can do a lot more than I thought I could." That's what its all about!

March 6, 2017
Hello! (You can tell Elder Lethaby was speed typing! Haircut took longer than expected!)This week was pretty funny. Theres a tradition here where once a year they wear these masks the are suposed to look like the Spanish when they invaded and they dance to the same song for like a full day but the girls dont where masks cuz their mexicans still, and its suposed to be like the spanish stealing their girls. Look it up, their called the wuewes and they had a parade at 4 in the morning for 2 hours back and forth outside of our house the other day which was anoying but its kinda funny. Today I think they are planning to dress up as girls and the members told us they might try to kiss us, like seriously haha so we are gonna stick with members tonight. Pretty messed up haha.
This week was awesome, I think we are turning into the primary because we keep finding 9 year olds whos parents went inactive for a year but now they want to get baptized so we teach them because its a baptism of the mission now. I think we will have 3 baptisms of 9 year olds in less than a month haha.
The rest of the investigators are super awesome though, one brother, JL is going through a process of repentance but has shown me what repentance really is, because he is so sicere with everything. He has given me the vision of how I want to change lives.
Not much to tell you this week and also not much time, but Im hyped and everything is going good.
Love you,
Love being a missionary,
Elder Lethaby

Questions answered:
Found my new favourite Mexican candy…Pepitoria! Tried it?Haven't :( I bet its all rich Mexican candy, we out here in the slums. 

Weird to think of the whole family in Mexico at one point? It will happen again I’m sure.Ya were gonna come back, my mission is way too funny

Personal goal for this week?
Use more Book of Mormon stories in my teaching

Companionship goal for this week?
Focus a lot in unity in our companionship, like we switch role every minute in teaching, and also get to know the area real quick.

What is your new apartment like?
Really, really cold but bigger and brick walls, very cool, will send pics next week. We have to shower at night because its solar heated water

What are some ways that you turn towards Christ?
Obedience with exactness which can be hard when I have a super obedient companion already with more time than me in the mission, but still remind him of even the little thing. Obedience is so important.

Did you ever receive my letter? It’s been about 2 months now! Not sure I want to mail you things that are that old when you get them!
YES it got here but I still havent had time to read it hahaha we are busy.

Getting into the groove of being a Zone leader? Kinks worked out?!Hahaha I dont think its posible to get into the groove of being a zone leader. Elder N has like 8 months being a zone leader and hes still super stressed all the time, but Its a good stress

Do you find some of the missionaries have culture shock? Did you?Not that much honestly, not sure about others but I think travelling did help a lot

Are your shoes holding up?The brown ones are super handsome still, the black ones have a hole coming in, Elder N predicts 4 months more with them

Is your companion a convert?No, but he was less active for a while.

Have you ever been a part of “Mormon Helping Hands”, complete with yellow vests?Nunca 

What lesson have you learned this week…big or small? Spiritual or physical?If we believe in the Book of Mormon, we should put all of our faith in it. In my last area we would usually give them a book of mormon after like 4 lessons, but now we are giving them out in the first or second lesson, lots of times before the pamphlets and using stories to read with them, not just verses, and it brings the spirit so much.

How do you get around for the most part?Kombis, the little van bus things. 

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